Идиомы на букву T

  • throw (someone) a curve
    сбить кого-либо с толку, обмануть
    John threw me a curve about the hiring of new employees.
  • throw (someone) for a loop
    смутить или неприятно удивить кого-либо
    Mrs. Simpson was thrown for a loop when her husband lost his job.
  • throw (someone) for a loss
    заставить кого-либо сомневаться; быть в растерянности
    It threw Jane for a loss when she failed the test in French.
  • throw (someone) off (someone's) trail
    сбить кого-либо со следа
    Even if he managed to throw the police off his trail, his landlady, Miss Bunting, would give him away.
  • throw (someone) to the lions
    взвалить ответственность за провал на кого-либо; "сделать кого-либо козлом отпущения"
    The company was about to go bankrupt. It was decided to throw the financial director to the lions, which was absolutely unfair.
  • throw (someone) to the wolves
    отдать кого-либо на растерзание
    In order to explain the situation to the press the governor blamed the mayor and threw him to the wolves.
  • throw (something) back in (someone's) face
    ответить, отплатить кому-либо тем же
    Ivory insulted me and I immediately threw the insult back in his face.
  • throw (something) into the bargain
    включить что-либо дополнительно (в качестве подарка) в покупку
    It was announced that the store would throw some computer games into the bargain if one buys a laptop.
  • throw (something) together
    сделать что-либо на скорою руку
    It was getting dark, so we had to throw our tents together and go to bed.
  • throw a fit
    прийти в ярость, закатить истерику
    Sam's mother threw a fit when she learnt that her son had dropped out of school.
  • throw a monkey wrench into the works
    испортить всё дело; вставлять палки в колёса
    The game went smoothly until Jeremy threw a monkey wrench into the works by fussing about the rules.
  • throw a party for (someone)
    устраивать вечеринку для кого-либо
    We usually throw a party for our mother on Mother's Day.
  • throw away a chance or opportunity
    не использовать благоприятную возможность
    I am afraid I have thrown away a chance to get a good job.
  • throw caution to the wind
    отбросить всякую осторожность
    Olaf threw caution to the wind and became very careless about what he was saying to people.
  • throw cold water on (something)
    отбить охоту делать что-либо, окатить холодной водой
    Kelly's father threw cold water on her plans to continue her education by saying he could not afford to pay for it.
  • throw down the gauntlet
    бросать вызов
    They had to take up the gauntlet thrown down to them and fight out the struggle whether they liked it or not.
  • throw good money after bad
    тратить деньги впустую, упорствовать в безнадёжном деле
    They closed the mine because they couldn't afford to throw good money after bad.
  • throw in (something)
    добавлять, давать в придачу
    The shop advertised that with every suit of clothes they would throw in a pair of leather gloves.
  • throw in one's lot with (someone or something)
    принять участие в чём-либо, присоединиться к кому-либо
    I saw a peaceful demonstration and decided to throw in my lot with the marchers.
  • throw in the towel/sponge
    прекратить борьбу, сдаться, выбросить белый флаг
    When Martin saw his arguments were not being accepted, he threw in the towel and left.
  • throw money around
    сорить деньгами
    Paul made up his mind to buy a piece of waste land and built a swimming pool on it, but I believe that he is simply throwing money around; the idea doesn't seem to be good.
  • throw money at (something)
    вложить деньги в решение чего-либо, пытаться решить проблему при помощи денег
    The local government is willing to throw much money at an environmental problem.
  • throw off (someone)
    сбивать с пути, запутывать, отделаться от кого-либо
    The runaway was able to throw off his pursuers.
  • throw off an illness
    поправиться после болезни
    It took rather long before Frank was able to throw off his pneumonia.
  • throw one's hands up in despair
    возвести руки вверх в порыве отчаяния
    I threw my hands up in despair; I didn't know whom to turn for help.
  • throw one's hands up in horror
    быть потрясённым, ужаснуться
    When Madge saw her beautiful garden destroyed by the flood, she threw her hands up in horror.
  • throw one's hat into the ring
    принять вызов, решить принять участие в соревнованиях или выборах
    Pauline decided to throw her hat into the ring for the election of Dean of the Arts Faculty.
  • throw one's voice
    произносить слова с закрытым ртом (чревовещать)
    The voodoo priest knew how to throw his voice.
  • throw one's weight around
    осуществлять нажим, настойчиво использовать своё влияние
    Charley likes to throw his weight around to get what he wants.
  • throw oneself at (someone's) feet
    унижаться перед кем-либо, каяться
    I knew I was guilty, but I was not going to throw myself at my friend's feet.
  • throw oneself at (someone)
    бросаться в объятия кого-либо, добиваться любви
    Sara threw herself at Ron; she behaved without restraint, trying to win his love.
  • throw oneself at the mercy of the court
    просить помилования, пощады
    Saying that he was sorry for what he had done, the man threw himself at the mercy of the court.
  • throw oneself at/on the mercy of the court
    просить помилования, пощады
    The man threw himself at the mercy of his captors.
  • throw out (someone)
    заставить уйти, выгнать кого-либо
    The bartender threw out a man who was very drunk.
  • throw the baby out with the bathwater
    отвергнуть всё полностью (включая полезные вещи)
    There are weaknesses in the program, but if they act too hastily, they may cause the baby to be thrown out with the bathwater.