Идиомы на букву T

  • true to form
    как и ожидалось
    True to form the secretary refused to do any work after office hours.
  • true to one's word
    верный своему слову, обещанию
    My friend promised to call me and he was true to his word.
  • trump card
    козырная карта; убедительный, веский довод
    There were several ways to persuade my friend to go to the party with me; my trump card was that John would be there too.
  • trump up (something)
    выдумать что-либо, придумывать ложные обвинения
    Every time Sam is late for work, he trumps up some new excuse.
  • trumped-up
    выдумывать что-либо, придумывать ложные обвинения
    Every time Sam is late for work, he trumps up some new excuse.
  • truth will out
    правда выйдет наружу
    I am sure that finally the truth will out and I will know exactly who has stolen my cell phone.
  • try (someone's) patience
    испытывать чьё-либо терпение
    Nora's naughty children are constantly trying her patience.
  • try (something) out on (someone)
    испытать что-либо на ком-либо
    I was able to cook all kinds of inexpensive dishes and try them out on Noel.
  • try on (something)
    мерить (одежду)
    Sue tried on several pairs of sandals before she found one to her liking.
  • try one's hand (at something)
    попробовать свои силы в чём-либо
    I am going to try my hand at poker tonight.
  • try one's luck at (something)
    попытать счастья
    Helen decided to try her luck at buying a ticket to the theatre just before the performance.
  • try out (something)
    испытывать что-либо
    I intend to try out several makes of cars before making a final choice.
  • try out for (something)
    пытаться принять участие в чём-либо (в игре)
    Tom tried out for his university basketball team.
  • try out one's wings
    пытаться сделать что-либо, чему только что научился
    Tina has had only ten German lessons, but she wants to try her wings by speaking with our visitors from Germany.
  • tub of lard
    очень толстый человек, "жиртрест"
    Tim complained to his mother that the boys in his class called him a tub of lard.
  • tuck into (something)
    есть что-либо с удовольствием
    There were a lot of tasty things on the table and the children tucked into their dinner as soon as they sat down.
  • tug at (someone's) heartstrings
    заставить кого-либо испытывать жалость, сочувствие
    Seeing two helpless little kittens in a cardboard box outside, tugged at my heartstrings.
  • tug-of-war
    борьба за что-либо
    A tug-of-war developed between the boys who wanted to go swimming and those who wanted to go boating.
  • tune in
    настраиваться (на что-либо)
    Greg is not very well tuned in to his surroundings.
  • tune in (a radio)
    настраивать радиоприёмник
    Bob tuned in his portable radio to listen to music.
  • tune out (someone or something)
    игнорировать кого-либо \ что-либо, не слушать
    I am able to work in a noisy environment because I can simply tune it out.
  • tune up (a musical instrument)
    настраивать (музыкальный инструмент)
    The orchestra came out onto the stage and began to tune up for the concert.
  • tune up (an engine)
    наладить, отрегулировать двигатель
    Jim took his car to the garage to have the engine tuned up.
  • turn (someone's) head
    вскружить кому-либо голову, приводить в смятение
    When David saw Tina for the first time, her beauty turned his head. He fell in love at first sight.
  • turn (someone's) stomach
    вызывать тошноту
    The rolling of the boat turned his stomach.
  • turn (someone) on
    интересовать, заинтересовать кого-либо
    Beethoven's music always turns me on.
  • turn (something) on its ear
    перевернуть что-либо (вверх дном)
    I turned my bedroom on its ear when I was looking for my pantyhose.
  • turn (something) on its head
    поставить с ног на голову, придать чему-либо противоположное значение
    The judge accused the lawyer of turning the statement on its head.
  • turn (something) over in one's mind
    постоянно думать о чём-либо, держать в уме
    I slept badly that night because I was turning the conversation with my father over in my mind.
  • turn (something) to good account
    использовать что-либо с выгодой, найти хорошее применение
    Wanda at once saw how this event might be turned to good account to secure her property.
  • turn (something) to one's advantage
    обратить в свою пользу, использовать в своих интересах
    Mark turned his influence to his advantage and achieved considerable competency.
  • turn a blind eye to (someone or something)
    не замечать кого-либо \ что-либо
    Adam preferred to turn a blind eye to the "No Fishing" sign.
  • turn a deaf ear to (someone)
    игнорировать, не слушать кого-либо \ что-либо
    I asked Alfred to help me, but he turned a deaf ear to my request.
  • turn a profit
    получать прибыль
    Our company has been turning a profit since it opened two years ago.
  • turn down (someone or something)
    отказаться признать, отвергнуть кого-либо \ что-либо
    "You seem to be turning down a golden opportunity in leaving the company."