Идиомы на букву T

  • too big for one's boots/breeches
    самонадеянный, зазнавшийся (человек)
    When the teacher made Peter a monitor, he got too big for his boots and she had to warn him.
  • too big for one's britches/boots
    самонадеянный, самодовольный (человек)
    When the teacher made Peter a monitor, he got too big for his boots and she had to warn him.
  • too close for comfort
    (быть) в опасной близости
    When the sniper's bullet hit the tree, the man exclaimed, "Gosh, that was too close for comfort!"
  • too close to call
    невозможно предсказать исход (соревнования, выборов, и т.д.)
    The election was too close to call until the very last hour.
  • too good to be true
    слишком хорошо, чтобы быть правдой
    The offer is too good to be true; it is almost unbelievable to be included into the Olympic athletic team.
  • too many cooks spoil the broth/stew
    Когда за дело берутся слишком много людей, ничего хорошего не выходит. У семи нянек дитя без глазу. (посл.)
    "I don't want you to employ too many people to work at the project. As you know 'too many cooks spoil the broth'.
  • too many irons in the fire
    слишком много дел сразу
    There were too many irons in the fire and all the undertakings needed my attention at the same time.
  • too much of a good thing
    хорошего понемножку, чересчур, это уж слишком
    Mike's diplomacy was too much of a good thing, and I finally had to interfere to get things straight.
  • too rich for (someone's) blood
    (быть) слишком дорогостоящим для кого-либо
    A holiday in Spain is too rich for my blood so I decided not to go there.
  • toot/blow one's own horn
    хвастаться или похваляться
    You are easily tired of a person who is always blowing his own horn.
  • tooth and nail
    изо всех сил, не жалея сил, неистово
    When the man was captured, he fought tooth and nail to get away.
  • top (someone or something)
    превосходить кого-либо \ чего-либо
    The young athlete topped everyone in the cross-country race.
  • top (something) off
    в добавок к чему-либо
    George had steak for dinner and topped it off with a huge sundae.
  • top (something) off with (something)
    закончить чем-либо
    Richard batted three runs and topped off the game with a home run.
  • top banana
    важная персона, босс, лидер
    "Who is the top banana in your organization?"
  • top dog
    самая важная персона в организации
    Mr. Abrahams is the top dog in his company.
  • top-drawer
    Mr. Alison is a top-drawer executive and gets a very high salary.
  • top-notch
    первосортный, наивысшего качества
    Pauline's art work was top-notch material.
  • topsy-turvy
    вверх ногами, в беспорядке
    Gilda's world became topsy-turvy when her husband filed for a divorce.
  • torn between (two things)
    трудный выбор между двумя (вещами)
    John was torn between his family and his risky job.
  • toss (someone) out of (somewhere)
    заставить уйти, выпроводить кого-либо откуда-либо
    The young men were drunk and quarrelsome, and the porter had to toss them out of the hotel.
  • toss a salad
    заправить салат
    I tossed the salad and we sat down to dinner.
  • toss off (an answer)
    ответить (на вопрос) не задумываясь
    When Miss Willows asked me this question, I was able to toss off the answer immediately.
  • toss off (something)
    выпить залпом, "опрокинуть"
    Simon tossed off the last of the drinks and got up.
  • toss one's cookies
    вырвать, извергнуть рвотные массы
    The dog ate something bad and tossed his cookies at once.
  • touch a sore spot/point
    затронуть больное место
    I touched a sore spot when I asked Helen about her relationship with Tim Burk.
  • touch and go
    критическое или опасное положение
    At one time while we were climbing the cliff, it was touch and go whether we could do it.
  • touch base with someone
    встретиться с кем-либо и поговорить накоротке
    They were ready to make a decision, but first they decided to touch base with the financial manager.
  • touch off
    стать причиной (взрыва), воспламенить что-либо
    The boy touched off a firecracker.
  • touch off (someone)
    задеть кого-либо, разозлить
    Someone or something must have touched Jack off for he dashed out of the room like mad.
  • touch off (something)
    вызвать (беспорядки)
    The arrest of the men's leaders touched off a disturbance in the area.
  • touch on/upon (something)
    говорить о чем-либо, затронуть (тему); писать что-либо кратко
    The speaker touched upon several important issues.
  • touch up
    подправить что-либо
    The woodwork is done, but there are a few places I have to touch up.
  • touch up (something)
    ретушировать, отделывать
    The photograph looks as if it had been touched up.
  • touch/hit/strike a raw nerve
    задеть за живое
    My friend didn't understand that she had touched a raw nerve when she had asked me about my relationship with Mark.