Идиомы на букву T

  • take in
    посетить, побывать, сходить (в кино, на лекцию)
    They would take in a museum or an art gallery in the morning and have a bit of lunch in the afternoon.
  • take in (clothes)
    ушивать (одежду)
    "The suit would fit perfectly if you had taken in a few inches at the waist."
  • take in (money)
    получать деньги
    Towards the end of the month they had taken in about $5,000.
  • take in (someone)
    давать приют кому-либо, приводить к себе
    Mrs. Stonehead took in two boarders.
  • take in (something)
    понять сущность чего-либо
    John took in the situation at once.
  • take inventory
    проводить инвентаризацию
    We take inventory in our warehouse every other month.
  • take issue with (someone)
    вести дискуссию, спорить с кем-либо
    I am ready to take issue with you on this point.
  • take it
    понимать что-либо
    "I take it that you are not going to help me. Am I right?"
  • take it away
    начать представление
    "Let's take it away and start up the performance."
  • take it easy
    расслабляться, отдыхать
    They had been working hard to finish the project and when it was over, they decided to take it easy for a week.
  • take it easy on (someone or something)
    относиться спокойно к кому-либо, не слишком усердствовать в чём-либо
    Try to take it easy on the salt; too much salt is bad for your health.
  • take it into one's head to do (something)
    взбрести кому-либо в голову
    Why did you take it into your head to invite Elvis to the party? He is such a wet blanket.
  • take it on the chin
    потерпеть поражение, быть побеждённым
    Paul took it on the chin in the chess tournament.
  • take it or leave it
    не хотите, не берите; не хочешь, как хочешь
    The man said the price of the cottage was $100,000, take it or leave it.
  • take it out on (someone or something)
    выместить на ком-либо \ чём-либо (своё плохое настроение)
    Tim came home angry at losing his job and took it out on his wife.
  • take it slow
    идти, передвигаться медленно
    I don't like an icy road and always take it slow.
  • take it upon oneself to (do something)
    брать на себя ответственность
    "You can't possibly take it upon yourself to make such a serious decision."
  • take its toll
    причинять вред, ущерб
    The war took its toll on the nation's manhood.
  • take kindly to (someone or something)
    быть довольным кем-либо \ чем-либо
    I don't take kindly to people who try to impose their opinions on me.
  • take leave of one's senses
    сойти с ума, потерять рассудок, обезуметь
    My brother had taken my car without my permission; I got angry and told him he had taken leave of his senses.
  • take liberties with (someone or something)
    позволять себе вольности с кем-либо \ чем-либо
    "You must stop taking liberties with the young woman who works in your office."
  • take minutes
    вести протокол (на собрании)
    "Who is to take minutes at the meeting today?"
  • take no stock in (something)
    не обращать внимания на что-либо
    "I advise you to take no stock in what people say about your appearance."
  • take note of (something)
    подмечать и запоминать что-либо
    The father took note of the time to give his son some medicine.
  • take notice of (something)
    замечать, обращать внимание на что-либо
    I took notice of the car standing in my drive way and wondered whose car it might be.
  • take off
    быстро или внезапно уйти, убежать
    The children were playing ball in my garden; they took off when they saw me.
  • take off after (someone or something)
    преследовать, гнаться за кем-либо \ чем-либо
    The dog took off after the cat which quickly jumped on the fence.
  • take off clothes/shoes etc.
    снять одежду \ обувь
    "You are wet through. Please, take off your clothes and leave them in the bathroom."
  • take off one's hat to (someone)
    выражать восхищение, преклоняться перед кем-либо, "снимать пере кем-либо шляпу"
    I take off my hat to Sally for her courage and endurance.
  • take off time
    отсутствовать, взять отгул (на работе)
    I wanted to visit my parents, so I took off a few days from work.
  • take offense at (someone or something)
    обидеться на кого-либо \ что-либо
    Mike is quick to take offense at his girlfriend.
  • take office
    приступить к должности (после выборов или назначения)
    The President is expected to take office a week after the election.
  • take on (an employee)
    нанять, взять кого-либо на работу
    Fanny's luck held; they took her on at $ 500 a week.
  • take on (someone)
    принимать кого-либо на работу, службу
    Fanny's luck held; they took her on at $ 500 a week.
  • take on (something)
    загружать, брать груз
    The huge jet took a lot of cargo on board.