Идиомы на букву H

  • have the wherewithal to (do something)
    иметь необходимые средства или энергию, чтобы делать что-либо
    The man does not have the wherewithal to start his own business.
  • have the wits to do (something)
    быть сообразительным; соображать, как делать что-либо
    Willy insulted me, but I didn't have the wits to retort promptly.
  • have them rolling in the aisles
    смешить публику
    The clown had the audience rolling in the aisles when he was performing.
  • have to (do something)
    нужно, приходится
    I don't have to go to work at the weekends.
  • have to live with (something)
    переносить что-либо, терпеть
    Anna has had rheumatism for a number of years and she has to live with it.
  • have too many irons in the fire
    делать многие вещи одновременно
    Nick has too many irons in the fire; he is always very busy.
  • have turned the corner
    пройти критическую точку
    "We have been married for 15 years and I think that our marriage has turned the corner.
  • have two left feet
    быть плохим танцором (обе ноги левые)
    My friend has two left feet, and I don't like waltzing with him.
  • have two strikes against one
    быть в трудной ситуации, иметь что-либо работающее против кого-либо
    John has already had two strikes against him, and it will be very difficult for him to begin life anew.
  • have what it takes
    иметь то, что нужно, иметь способность делать что-либо
    I don't think that my sister has what it takes to be a good doctor.
  • have/get butterflies in one's stomach
    чувствовать страх или беспокойство
    I got butterflies in my stomach when I went to a job interview.
  • have/get one's day in court
    иметь возможность объяснить что-либо в суде
    Mark Browbeaten had his day in court and was cleared of any wrongdoing.
  • have/keep one's finger on the pulse
    быть в курсе дела, держать руку на пульсе
    I am aware what's going on in the office; I am keeping my finger on the pulse.
  • hazard a guess/opinion
    догадаться, высказать предположение
    I would not like to hazard an opinion as to the cost of the house.
  • He who pays the piper calls the tune
    тот кто платит, тот и распоряжается
    He who pays the piper calls the tune, so it is for the owner of the cafe to decide who will work there and who won't.
  • head
    на одну персону, на одного
    The bus fare was two dollars a head.
  • head above water
    не иметь проблем \ неприятностей
    Zilbert can hardly make both ends meet; he works hard, but he is not able to keep his head above water.
  • head and shoulders above (someone or something)
    намного лучше чего-либо; на голову выше кого-либо
    Peter is an excellent tennis player; he is head and shoulders above the other players in his town.
  • head case
    быть не в своём уме, быть сумасшедшим
    My neighbor is definitely a head case. She is absolutely crazy.
  • head for (someone or something)
    двигаться в направлении кого-либо\ чего-либо
    The hurricane was heading for one of the islands in the Pacific.
  • head is buzzing
    думать сразу о многом, иметь много дел, забот, волнений; "голова идёт кругом"
    My head has been buzzing since we moved to a new apartment.
  • head off (someone)
    препятствовать кому-либо, преграждать путь
    A big truck tried to head off our car on the highway.
  • head off (something)
    остановить что-либо, не допустить
    They were not able to head off the leakage of the information about their research.
  • head out
    идти, направляться
    It is time you headed out for the bathroom otherwise it will be occupied.
  • head over heels
    вверх ногами, кубарем, кувырком
    The puppy tumbled head over heels in its hurry to get hold of the ball.
  • head over heels in debt
    быть по уши в долгах
    Marion doesn't earn enough money, and she is always head over heels in debt.
  • head over heels in love with (someone)
    влюбиться по уши
    Sheila fell head over heels in love with her former classmate Hugo.
  • head shrinker
    Wanda is being very strange lately, and I advised her to go and see a head shrinker.
  • head start
    начать, сделать рывок
    They decided to get a head start on the job.
  • head-hunting
    поиск квалифицированных работников
    They use a head-hunting company to search for qualified workers to fill certain positions in their office.
  • head-on
    лобовой, фронтальный
    Sam Beevers had a head-on crash on the highway yesterday.
  • headhunt
    поиск квалифицированных кадров
    The president of our firm sent a committee to the colleges and universities to do some headhunt in the hope of finding some young talent.
  • heads or tails
    орёл или решка
    They decided to start the basketball game by throwing heads or tails with a coin.
  • Heads up!
    Осторожно! Опасность! Подними голову и посмотри вверх.
    "Heads up!" said the waiter, who was carrying some hot food on the tray.
  • heads will roll
    иметь большие неприятности, "головы полетят"
    There was an accident at one of the construction sights and I think that heads will roll.