Идиомы на букву H

  • have one's head in the clouds
    мечтать, "витать в облаках"
    Julia has her head in the clouds and doesn't care about anything.
  • have one's head screwed on right/straight
    быть разумным, принимать правильные решения
    Henry seems to have his head screwed on straight; his decisions are always right.
  • have one's heart go out to someone
    испытывать сострадание к кому-либо
    I had my heart go out to the man who had lost his whole family in an air crash.
  • have one's heart in the right place
    иметь добрые намерения, быть добрым, отзывчивым человеком
    His daughters were plain, disinterested girls, but they had their hearts in the right place.
  • have one's heart set against (something)
    быть решительно против чего-либо
    Clare's mother had her heart set against her daughter's marriage.
  • have one's heart set on (something)
    очень хотеть чего-либо, настроиться на что-либо
    I have my heart set on going on a trip to London.
  • have one's nose in (something)
    совать нос во что-либо
    "Look here, Ann! I hate to have your nose in my business. Please, abate your curiosity."
  • have one's nose in a book
    читать книгу, "уткнуться в книгу"
    Whenever I see Liz, she always has her nose in a book.
  • have one's nose in the air
    важничать, "задирать нос"
    I don't think much of Gina; she is very conceited and has her nose in the air.
  • have one's nose to the grindstone
    усердно работать, быть занятым чем-либо
    Jack has his nose to the grindstone; he is working hard at his thesis.
  • have one's work cut out for one
    иметь трудное задание, большой объём работы
    They had their work cut out for them when they began to rebuild the house.
  • have oneself something
    съесть что-либо, потреблять что-либо
    Sweanson decided to have himself a hot-dog as he was a little bit hungry.
  • have other/bigger fish to fry
    иметь другие дела, иметь более важные дела
    He probably has other fish to fry that's why he rejected our invitation.
  • have pull with (someone)
    иметь влияние на кого-либо
    I don't have pull with my younger brother; he won't listen to my advice.
  • have rocks in one's head
    быть глупым, не иметь здравого смысла
    Ann definitely has rocks in her head. Otherwise she wouldn't have rented that awful apartment.
  • have second thoughts about (someone or something)
    испытывать сомнения по поводу кого-либо \ чего-либо
    I have second thoughts about marrying Ronald.
  • have seen better days
    отслужить своё, выйти из употребления
    Judy has had her car for ten years, and it has seen better days.
  • have stars in one's eyes
    глаза сверкают от счастья
    The figure skater had stars in his eyes when he won a gold medal at the Olympics.
  • have sticky fingers
    The man was fired from the supermarket because he had sticky fingers.
  • have the best of both worlds
    быть способным справляться с противоположными возможностями
    Orientiering is a good sport; one can have the best of both worlds - physical exercise and the outdoors.
  • have the cheek to do something
    иметь наглость сделать что-либо
    "You have broken my camera and now you have the cheek to tell me that you didn't do it."
  • have the courage of one's convictions
    иметь достаточно мужества и решимости, чтобы преследовать свои цели
    I have much respect for Derek; the man has the courage of his convictions, and he will never do what he doesn't feel right.
  • have the devil to pay
    иметь много неприятностей
    He will have the devil to pay if he doesn't hand in his term paper on the appointed day.
  • have the feel of (something)
    привыкнуть к чему-либо
    As soon as I had the feel of the airplane, the instructor let me fly it.
  • have the floor
    взять слово (для выступления)
    Adam decided to have the floor and speak about the problems their firm was facing.
  • have the gall to (do something)
    иметь наглость сделать что-либо
    "You have let me down, and now you have the gall to ask me to help you."
  • have the gift of the gab
    иметь дар красноречия
    My sister has the gift of the gab and is able to talk to others easily.
  • have the inside track
    иметь преимущество (досл. бежать по внутренней дорожке)
    Gilda knew several foreign languages and had the inside track when she applied for the job of a company secretary.
  • have the last laugh
    поставить того, кто смеялся над вами, в глупое положение
    Marion had the last laugh when she passed the test and her friend failed it.
  • have the makings of (something)
    иметь необходимые качества, иметь задатки
    This young singer had the makings of a pop star.
  • have the Midas touch
    уметь легко делать деньги
    Moses has the Midas touch; he has the ability of making money easily.
  • have the presence of mind to (do something)
    уметь действовать разумно в трудной ситуации
    "I believe you have the presence of mind to reject his invitation."
  • have the right to (do something)
    иметь право делать что-либо
    "You don't have the right to poke your nose into my private affairs!"
  • have the right-of-way
    иметь право ехать в каком-либо ряду
    The car had the right-of-way, but nevertheless it was hit by a large truck anyway.
  • have the time of one's life
    очень хорошо проводить время
    I had the time of my life at my friend's birthday party which was on Saturday.