Идиомы на букву R

  • rip into (someone or something)
    наброситься на кого-либо \ что-либо (физически или словесно)
    Jack's wife ripped into him when he came home in the early hours of the morning.
  • rip off (someone or something)
    обмануть кого-либо \ что-либо, обсчитать
    Jess was ripped off by the booking clerk at the railroad station.
  • ripe old age
    очень старый возраст
    Miss Wodoo was able to live to a ripe old age; she died at the age of 107.
  • ripple of excitement
    волна возбуждённого шёпота
    When he finished speaking, a long ripple of excitement passed through the audience.
  • ripple of protest
    незначительный протест
    There was only a ripple of protest when our boss made us stay at work after office hours.
  • Rise and shine!
    Вставай и принимайся за дело!
    The phone rang at six in the morning. "Rise and shine!" my friend called to me. I felt I could kill him then and there.
  • rise to the bait
    попадаться на удочку
    Julian inevitably rises to the bait whenever someone offers him something.
  • rise to the occasion
    оказаться на высоте положения
    The job was challenging, but I managed to rise to the occasion and do it very well.
  • risk of rain/showers/thunderstorms
    возможность того, что пойдёт дождь; будет ливень, гроза
    There was a risk of thunderstorms and they decided not to go the mountains that day.
  • risk one's neck (to do something)
    рисковать сломать шею, делая что-либо
    I risked my neck in order to rescue the cat that had climbed out onto the balcony.
  • rivet (someone's) attention
    сконцентрировать своё внимание (на чём-либо)
    "I want you to rivet your attention to the slides you are looking through."
  • road hog
    водитель, мешающий проезду другого транспорта
    Leo is a regular road-hog; he always uses more than his share of the road.
  • rob Peter to pay Paul
    поддерживать одно в ущерб другому
    It was obvious that this was merely a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul.
  • rob the cradle
    жениться или выйти замуж за человека много младше
    Sue was a very pretty girl of eighteen, and Joe was robbing the cradle when he married her.
  • rock the boat
    подвергать опасности, ставить под удар чьи-либо планы, надежды
    "Don't rock the boat; you'll only make things worse."
  • rock-bottom offer
    самая низкая предлагаемая цена
    The rock-bottom offer to buy this radio is $25.
  • roll around
    происходить в положенный срок
    Every time that their wedding anniversary rolls around, they throw a big party.
  • roll back (a price)
    снизить цену до прежнего уровня
    Before the Christmas sale the prices were high, but during the Christmas sale the prices at most stores were rolled back.
  • roll in
    приходить в большом количестве
    The letters with Christmas greetings have been rolling in since the middle of December.
  • roll out the red carpet
    встречать важного гостя
    They rolled out the red carpet when the US President came for a visit.
  • roll up one's sleeves
    засучить рукава, приготовиться к серьёзной работе
    We had to roll up our sleeves to help clean the house from top to bottom.
  • roll with the punches
    приспособиться к трудным обстоятельствам
    Some of the travelers were not able to roll with the punches and had to lay over their trip to the mountains.
  • rolling in money
    иметь большое количество денег, "купаться в деньгах"
    Mr. Hobson was rolling in money and didn't have to work.
  • rolling stone
    перекати-поле (человек, который всё время переезжает с места на место)
    James is a rolling stone type of person; you never know his whereabouts.
  • room and board
    пансион (жильё и питание)
    I'd like to receive room and board as part of my salary.
  • root (something) out
    вырывать что-либо с корнем
    The police have been trying to root out the selling of drugs; so far without much success.
  • root for (someone or something)
    болеть за кого-либо \ что-либо (в спорте)
    They came to the stadium to root for their favorite football team.
  • rooted in (something)
    корениться в чём-либо, основываться на чём-либо
    The popularity of the pizza hut is rooted in its delicious pizzas.
  • rooted to the spot
    прирасти к месту, не двигаться
    On seeing Desmond lying dead on the floor Mandy got rooted to the spot.
  • rope (someone) into (doing something)
    вовлекать кого-либо во что-либо, втягивать
    I had no wish to cook the meals for the whole family, but I was roped into doing it by my Mom.
  • rotten to the core
    прогнивший насквозь, бесполезный
    The house had to be pulled down as it was rotten to the core, and it was useless to repair it.
  • rough guess
    приблизительная оценка, приблизительный подсчёт
    I made a rough guess about how much I would be paid for the job.
  • rough it
    обходиться без удобств
    They were ready to rough it for a few days on a camping trip.
  • rough up (someone)
    избивать кого-либо, нападать
    Two hooligans roughed up the bartender in the Irish bar and tried to take the money.
  • rough-and-ready
    не очень хороший, сделанный кое-как, на скорую руку
    The house was of the rough-and-ready order, but it suited our purpose.