Идиомы на букву R

  • reality of a situation
    реальная ситуация
    The reality of a situation was that it was next to impossible to buy tickets for the ballet "Swan Lake".
  • rear its ugly head
    (что-либо неприятное) вновь становиться очевидным
    The problem of cockroaches has reared its ugly head in my apartment again.
  • receive (someone) with open arms
    встретить кого-либо с распростертыми объятиями
    When my friends came to visit us, we welcomed them with open arms.
  • reckon with (someone or something)
    столкнуться, иметь дело с кем-либо \ чем-либо
    Fanny didn't want to reckon with any more troubles concerning her next door neighbors.
  • recognize (someone or something) for what it/he/she is
    распознавать, что кто-либо \ что-либо собой представляет
    At first I wasn't able to recognize the new supermarket for what it is.
  • reconcile oneself to (something)
    примиряться с чем-либо
    The situation in our bank is challenging, but somehow we have to reconcile ourselves to it.
  • red cent
    небольшая сумма денег, "медный грош"
    I wanted to buy a boat from Tom, but it looked so shabby that I would not give a red cent for it.
  • red flag
    сигнал, предупреждающий об опасности
    The driver stopped the car and raised a red flag before he started to change a mag wheel.
  • red herring
    отвлекающий манёвр, что-либо сбивающее со следа
    The military maneuvers are a red herring, and they are not related to the matters of peace in this area.
  • red in the face
    смутиться, покраснеть
    Zeta was red in the face after I had disclosed all her lies.
  • red ink
    That small business had much red ink because of the softening of economy.
  • red tape
    излишние формальности, волокита, бюрократизм
    It wasn't red tape on the hospital's part; the patient was too sick to see anyone.
  • red-carpet treatment
    обращаться по-королевски
    I want to give a red-carpet treatment to my friends when they come to visit me.
  • red-eye
    ночной рейс, прибывающий рано утром
    They had to take a red-eye flight to be able to get to London on the appointed day.
  • red-hot
    имеющий большой спрос
    Thanks to the advertising the new book has become red-hot and many people want to buy it.
  • red-letter day
    праздник, памятный день, "красный день календаря"
    It was a red-letter day for Richard as nobody bothered him that day.
  • reduced to (something)
    ухудшать состояние чего-либо
    Due to Sam's infidelities his relationship with Samantha was reduced to ashes.
  • reel off (something)
    без остановки читать или рассказывать что-либо
    My boss asked me what had happened that day and I reeled off all of the events.
  • refill a prescription
    повторно заказать прописанное лекарство
    As I couldn't get rid of the cough, I had to go to the pharmacy to refill a prescription.
  • regain one's composure
    успокоиться, взять себя в руки
    It took me a few hours to regain my composure after the conversation with my employer.
  • regain one's feet
    встать на ноги (после падения)
    The man stumbled over a stone and fell on the sidewalk but quickly regained his feet.
  • regardless of (something)
    не обращая внимания, не смотря на что-либо
    Regardless of the efforts he couldn't make his car start.
  • regular as clockwork
    с точностью часового механизма
    My aunt and her friends played cards as regular as clockwork every Sunday.
  • regular guy
    славный малый, молодчина
    John is a regular guy; he gets along with everyone in the office.
  • relative to (someone or something)
    относительно кого-либо \ чего-либо
    The boat was neither very big nor very comfortable relative to the amount of money Felix had paid for it.
  • reliance on (someone or something)
    надёжность и доверие к кому-либо \ чему-либо
    I never had too much reliance on my friend's word of honor.
  • religious about (doing something)
    требовательный, неуклонно исполняющий что-либо
    Sally has become religious about mowing her lawn every weekend.
  • reluctant to (do something)
    делать что-либо с неохотой
    I was reluctant to lend my cousin 200 dollars as I know he is reluctant to pay it back soon.
  • reputed to be/do something
    имеющий репутацию
    The new chef is reputed to be one of the best chefs in France.
  • resign oneself to something
    подчиняться (неохотно) чему-либо, покориться
    George resigned himself to the fact that he would probably not see Tina again.
  • resonate with (someone)
    привлекать кого-либо, нравиться
    The idea of a children's art festival resonated with the majority of the teachers.
  • responsible party
    ответственная сторона (человек или организация)
    The teachers' trade union was the responsible party for the street demonstration.
  • rest assured
    не беспокоиться
    My husband wanted me to get his fishing tackle ready and I told him to rest assured.
  • rest in peace
    покоиться с миром
    They prayed that their uncle would rest in peace after he recently passed away.
  • rest on one's laurels
    почивать на лаврах
    I am not the type of person to rest on my laurels.