Идиомы на букву R

  • run off with (someone)
    тайно бежать с кем-либо
    Marion has run off with her lover, and no one ever heard anything from her ever since.
  • run out of (something)
    истощить запас чего-либо
    I discovered that I had run out of tea and sugar and had to go to the supermarket immediately.
  • run out of patience
    кончилось терпение
    Jim is a very tolerant man, but even he has run out of patience when his wife spent all of their money on trifles.
  • run out of time
    использовать (положенное) время
    At the meeting they had been discussing a lot of issues till they ran out of time.
  • run over (someone or something)
    переехать, задавить кого-либо \ что-либо
    It was pitch dark when Tim was driving along a country road, and he didn't notice that he had run over a fox.
  • run over (something)
    переливаться через край
    I poured too much tea into the cup and it ran over the edge.
  • run ragged
    очень уставать
    I am always being run ragged by the work in the garden.
  • run rampant
    вырастать до угрожающих размеров, выходить из-под контроля
    The use of drugs is running rampant in our town.
  • run riot/wild
    буйствовать, выходить из установленных рамок; дать волю воображению
    He let his imagination run riot.
  • run scared
    опасаться (провала, неудачи)
    I have been running scared in my attempt to be promoted.
  • run short
    не хватать, иссякнуть
    Mary had to go shopping late in the evening because she had run short of coffee and sugar.
  • run short of (something)
    кончаться, быть на исходе
    Felix was running short of cash.
  • run some tests
    брать анализы
    The doctor didn't know what the matter with the man was, so he decided to run some tests on the patient.
  • run the gauntlet
    столкнуться с тяжёлыми испытаниями или неприятным опытом
    I had to run the gauntlet of many medical tests before I was pronounced to be absolutely cured.
  • run the good race
    делать всё возможное
    The sportsman ran the good race but in the end he lost the marathon.
  • run through (money or something)
    неразумно истратить, промотать (деньги или что-либо)
    He ran through his entire inheritance in less than a year.
  • run through (something)
    устраивать прослушивание, просмотр чего-либо
    They ran through the first scene once more to make sure everybody knew their part well.
  • run to (an amount of money)
    достигать (определённой суммы)
    The cost of redecorating my apartment ran to more money than I could afford to pay.
  • run up
    увеличить (сумму), увеличиться; наделать долгов
    His wife was running up heavy bills, and that upset him greatly.
  • run up (something)
    поднимать что-либо (при помощи верёвки)
    Seeing a ship on the horizon, they ran up a flag of distress.
  • run up against (something)
    столкнуться, натолкнуться на что-либо
    David didn't wish to run up against this problem again, for he could picture the encounter as being awkward.
  • run wild
    выйти из повиновения, из-под контроля
    At first everything was all right, but suddenly the situation ran wild.
  • run-of-the-mill
    обычный, заурядный
    The pizza hut downtown is a run-of-the-mill thing, but we like it all the same.
  • run/go to seed
    перестать развиваться, приходить в упадок
    The great efforts to improve the situation were allowed to run to seed.
  • rush on (something)
    большой спрос на что-либо
    There was a rush on swim suits at the beginning of summer.
  • Russian roulette
    русская рулетка, неоправданный риск
    Tony is always taking unnecessary risks; it looks as if he were constantly playing Russian roulette.
  • rustle (something) up
    (наскоро) готовить (еду)
    I found some food in the fridge and was able to rustle up some dinner.