Идиомы на букву S

  • set sail
    отправляться в плавание, отплывать
    We knew that Captain Alison was about to set sail for Australia and we came to say good-bye to him.
  • set the pace
    задавать темп
    The leading skier set the pace for the other skiers to follow.
  • set the stage for (something)
    подготовиться к чему-либо
    Our football team set the stage for the final games which are to take place in summer.
  • set the table
    накрывать на стол
    "We'll have lunch soon. Will you set the table, please?"
  • set the world on fire
    сделать что-либо выдающееся
    Sofia thinks much of herself, but I know she is not able to set the world on fire.
  • set tongues wagging
    сплетничать, "распустить языки"
    The conflict between Landcroft and his wife set tongues wagging around the neighborhood.
  • set type
    устанавливать шрифт, набирать шрифт
    The book will be published shortly; they are setting type now.
  • set up (someone)
    подставить кого-либо
    Henry was accused of the crime he had not committed; he was sure that his partner had set him up.
  • set up (something)
    создавать что-либо, учреждать, снабжать (деньгами)
    The local government provided the money to set up an animal shelter.
  • set up a meeting
    устроить собрание, встречу, совещание
    Stella was trying to set up a meeting with the Dean of the Mass Media Department.
  • set up shop (somewhere)
    создать рабочее место где-либо
    Desmond decided to move to Chicago and set up shop there.
  • set upon (someone or something)
    наброситься на кого-либо \ что-либо
    An unfriendly dog set upon me the other day.
  • setback
    неудача, регресс, задержка
    The family suffered a setback when the head of the family lost his job.
  • settle (someone's) affairs
    уладить свои или чьи-либо дела
    Before leaving for a holiday I had to settle my affairs at work.
  • settle (something) out of court
    уладить что-либо во внесудебном порядке
    There was some controversy between the company and the union, but it was finally settled out of court.
  • settle a score with (someone)
    отомстить, отплатить кому-либо той же монетой
    It's no use trying to settle a score with Mike for something that happened a few years ago.
  • settle down
    обживаться, обосновываться
    Mike had been moving from town to town for years, and finally he settled down in Springfield.
  • settle for (something)
    довольствоваться меньшим, чем хотелось бы
    I changed my job and for a while I had to settle for less than I had been paid before.
  • settle on (something)
    решиться на что-либо
    They settled on the trip to Japan.
  • settle up with (someone)
    отдать долг кому-либо, выплатить
    Sally paid for the train tickets and I settled up with her afterwards.
  • setup
    расположение, детали обстановки
    "That's a nice setup you have here."
  • sever ties with (someone)
    разрывать связи с кем-либо
    Sam Willows severed ties with his family long ago.
  • sew (something) up
    организовать, завершить что-либо
    All the details of the project were sewn up.
  • shack up with (someone)
    жить в гражданском браке
    Linda has shacked up with her boyfriend for a couple of years.
  • shades of (someone or something)
    напоминание о ком-либо \ чём-либо
    I could detect shades of amusement in her voice.
  • shadow of oneself/itself
    (осталась) лишь тень от кого-либо \ чего-либо
    Gala has lost a lot of weight and now she is a shadow of herself.
  • shaggy dog story
    длинный бессмысленный рассказ
    My cousin told me a shaggy dog story about how she had lost her purse.
  • shake (someone) down
    получить деньги путём угроз, "потрясти кого-либо"
    Lionel had to shake Noel down to get the money the latter owed him.
  • shake a leg
    идти быстро, "шевелить ногами"
    "Please shake a leg if you want to be in time for the lecture."
  • shake hands on (something)
    пожать руки (в знак взаимного согласия)
    They shook hands on the agreement that they would coordinate their actions.
  • shake hands with (someone)
    пожать руки в знак приветствия
    Chan shook hands with his friend when he met him outside the office.
  • shake off (someone or something)
    избавиться от кого-либо \ чего-либо
    George could never shake off a certain stiffness of manner.
  • shake off an illness
    выздороветь, стряхнуть с себя болезнь
    I took some medicine for my sore throat to shake off the illness.
  • shake up (someone)
    потрясти или расстроить кого-либо
    The prices are rising and it shakes up many people in this country.
  • shake up (something)
    перестроить что-либо
    The new sales manager decided to shake up the company in order to bring new energy into the department.