Идиомы на букву S

  • serve notice on (someone)
    вручить уведомление кому-либо
    The firm served notice on its employees that their salaries would be cut down since next month.
  • serve time
    сидеть в тюрьме, "мотать срок"
    The man has robbed a bank and now he is serving time.
  • set (someone or something) free
    освободить кого-либо \ что-либо
    The bird got trapped in the net, and I set it free.
  • set (someone or something) loose
    отпустить кого-либо \ что-либо на волю
    I set my dog loose and he was happily running around.
  • set (someone or something) straight
    объяснить кому-либо или объяснить что-либо
    The Dean set the students straight about how to behave at the lectures.
  • set (someone) back
    стоить (какую-либо сумму) кому-либо
    "How much did your new car set you back?"
  • set (someone) back on his or her heels
    удивить, шокировать, ошеломить
    Hillary's impudence set me back on my heels.
  • set (someone) free
    выпустить из тюрьмы или освободить из плена
    Samuel hoped that they would set him free because he hadn't committed any crime.
  • set (someone) up (in business)
    помочь кому-либо начать какое-либо дело
    A timely legacy helped to set Tom up in his profession.
  • set (something) on its ear
    заинтересовать кого-либо чем-либо
    The new project set the company on its ear. Everyone got very excited.
  • set (something) right
    исправить, починить что-либо
    It is really very trying that whenever anything goes wrong it is I who have to set it right.
  • set (something) to music
    положить что-либо на музыку
    The composer has set the legend of Robin Hood to music.
  • set a date
    назначить день свадьбы
    Paul set a date for their wedding, but his fiancee eloped with Adam, his best friend.
  • set a precedent
    устанавливать прецедент или политику, которой надо следовать в будущем
    A legal case may set a precedent that will be the policy to be followed in future cases.
  • set a trap
    расставить ловушку
    The cops set a trap to try and catch a dangerous criminal.
  • set about to (do something or go somewhere)
    приступать, начинать (делать что-либо или идти куда-либо)
    "I want you to set about to do your work as soon as possible."
  • set back (someone or something)
    препятствовать, задерживать кого-либо \ что-либо
    They tried to do their best to save the company, but all their efforts were set back.
  • set eyes on (someone or something)
    увидеть кого-либо \ что-либо
    I hope I'll never set eyes on that guy again.
  • set fire to (something)
    поджигать что-либо
    I put a few more logs and set fire to them.
  • set foot (somewhere)
    ступать куда-либо, входить
    Mike took offence and said he would never set foot in my house again.
  • set forth (something)
    излагать, объяснять что-либо чётко и ясно
    I would like to set forth my views on the subject.
  • set forth (somewhere)
    отправляться куда-либо
    Stan set forth somewhere without saying where he was going.
  • set great store on (someone or something)
    (высоко) ценить кого-либо \ что-либо
    Our art teacher sets great store on her gifted students.
  • set in
    начинаться, наступать, устанавливаться
    Winter set in early that year.
  • set in one's ways
    вести установленный образ жизни
    I know you are set in your ways and don't like any change, but you will have to change your habits when you get married.
  • set off (something)
    выделять, оттенять
    The blue frock which Dina wore that day set off her beautiful eyes.
  • set one back on one's heels
    удивить, ошеломить, шокировать кого-либо
    The news, which set my back on my heels, was announced at the interval of thirty minutes.
  • set one's eyes on (someone or something)
    видеть кого-либо \ что-либо впервые
    My sister bought a new house, but I have not set my eyes on it yet.
  • set one's heart against (something)
    быть настроенным против чего-либо
    At first my mother set her heart against taking a dog from the animal shelter, but then she yielded to her son's request.
  • set one's heart on (something)
    быть направленным к достижению какой-либо цели
    Samantha set her heart on becoming an actress.
  • set one's mind at rest
    успокоиться, избавиться от сомнений или тревоги
    I told my friend to set his mind at rest and not to worry about his future.
  • set one's sights on (something)
    выбрать что-либо своей целью
    I have set my sights on receiving a grand so that I can go abroad to study anthropology.
  • set one's teeth on edge
    действовать кому-либо на нервы, раздражать, выводить из себя
    "Please, stop that noise! It sets my teeth on edge."
  • set out (somewhere)
    отправиться куда-либо
    In 1912 the Titanic set out on a voyage never to return from it.
  • set out to (do something)
    намереваться (делать что-либо)
    I like skating and I set out to learn to skate well.