Идиомы на букву S

  • shake/quake in one's boots
    трястись от страха
    Linda must have seen a ghost for she was shaking in her boots.
  • shaken up
    быть потрясённым или расстроенным
    I was deeply shaken up by my friend's death.
  • shape up
    улучшать, исправить (поведение, исполнение, физическую форму)
    Lenny was learning composition and training himself to shape up and better express his thoughts.
  • shape up or ship out
    или исправься или уходи
    You must shape up or ship out if your job performance is not up to the mark.
  • share (someone's) pain
    разделять чью-либо боль
    My cousin's wife died of cancer, and I can't help sharing his pain because of his loss.
  • share (someone's) sorrow
    разделять чьё-либо горе
    The neighbors shared the sorrow of the mother whose little boy had been run over by a car.
  • share and share alike
    делить поровну, в равных долях
    Landgrave bequeathed the whole of his property to his nieces and nephews share and share alike.
  • shark
    жестокий и нечестный человек (как акула)
    Ronald turned out to be a shark. I made up my mind not to do any business with him.
  • sharp tongue
    (иметь) острый язык, (быть) критичным, не добрым
    Nobody likes Cora; she has a sharp tongue and she very often says very unkind things to others.
  • shed/throw some light on (something)
    проливать свет на что-либо
    As his statement was read a very clear light was thrown upon the situation.
  • shell out (money)
    платить деньги, раскошелиться
    Jacob shelled out a lot of money for his new car.
  • shine up to (someone)
    стараться угодить кому-либо
    Little Paul tries to make friends with older boys and he is always shining up to them.
  • shipping and handling
    перевозка и погрузочно-разгрузочные операции
    The cost of shipping and handling for some imported goods is very high.
  • ships that pass in the night
    разойтись, как в море корабли
    Felix thought Miranda and he were like two ships that pass in the night, and he didn't hope to see her again.
  • shirk one's duty
    пренебрегать своими обязанностями, уклоняться от работы
    The nanny was shirking her duty; she didn't take good care of the kids.
  • shoe is on the other foot
    положение изменилось, (теперь уже не то)
    The shoe is on the other foot now that my sister is the only money earner in the family after her husband's death.
  • shoo-in
    бесспорная кандидатура, "верняк"
    Mr. Parker is a shoo-in to win the election.
  • shook-up
    (быть) расстроенным, обеспокоенным
    Miriam looked shook-up and I asked her what the matter was.
  • shoot for (something)
    стремиться к чему-либо
    As far as I know Bridgeman was shooting for a higher position in the firm.
  • shoot from the hip
    говорить прямо и откровенно, "рубить с плеча"
    Ben always shoots from the hip and as a result gets into trouble now and then.
  • shoot one's mouth off
    хвастливо болтать или говорить о том, чего хорошо не знаешь
    Sandra always shoots her mouth off about something she doesn't know very well.
  • shoot one's wad
    истратить все деньги, "промотать деньги"
    I guess Mark has shot his wad at a casino.
  • shoot oneself in the foot
    сделать ошибку или принять глупое решение
    Nick shot himself in the foot when he decided to invest into a Canadian Oil company.
  • shoot out (something)
    выбрасывать вперёд
    Suddenly the man's hand shot out and cracked across Lanny's mouth.
  • shoot straight
    действовать, поступать честно
    Alan always shoots straight when he is dealing with his friends.
  • shoot the breeze/bull
    болтать попусту
    Margaret and her friends like to shoot the breeze when they get together.
  • shoot the works
    не жалеть затрат или усилий, чтобы сделать что-либо
    Steve's parents are planning to shoot the works with the wedding reception for their only son.
  • shoot up
    быстро расти, тянуться
    The boy seems to get taller every time I see him; he is definitely shooting up.
  • shoot up (drugs)
    вкалывать наркотики
    I suspected that Ursula was shooting up drugs.
  • shoot up (someone or something)
    устроить стрельбу по кому-либо \ чему-либо
    When the traffic police stopped a drunken driver, he began to shoot up everybody.
  • shop around for (something)
    ходить по магазинам за чем-либо
    I shopped around for new shoes but was not able to purchase anything decent.
  • shore (something) up
    подпирать что-либо
    It was necessary to shore up the roof of the house after the hurricane had damaged it.
  • short and sweet
    короткий и приятный
    Dana stayed with her friends for the weekend and her visit was short and sweet.
  • short end (of the stick)
    плохое обращение
    Jane complained to me that she always got the short end of the stick when she was at work.
  • short for (something)
    сокращённая форма чего-либо (слова, фразы, имени)
    The name Betty is short for Elisabeth.