Идиомы на букву T

  • thick-skinned
    толстокожий, не чувствительный
    It's good to be thick-skinned; then you are not easily hurt or upset.
  • thin on top
    Franklin had a massive chin, puffy cheeks, small beady eyes, and he was a bit thin on top.
  • thin-skinned
    тонкокожий, чувствительный
    Alan is so thin-skinned that even an innocent remark might hurt him.
  • think (someone or something) fit for (something)
    считать кого-либо \ что-либо подходящим для чего-либо
    I don't think Sally to be fit for the work of a teacher; she is too impatient.
  • think a lot/great deal/highly/much of (someone or something)
    быть высокого мнения о ком-либо, ценить что-либо
    I don't think much of this pop singer.
  • think back on (someone or something)
    вспоминать о ком-либо \ чём-либо
    When Gina thinks back on her married life, she remembers how unhappy she was.
  • think better of (doing something)
    передумать, изменить своё решение
    Mark was about to tell Edna about his feelings; then he thought better of doing it.
  • think inside the box
    мыслить традиционно
    Most people think inside the box and only a few are able to have new ideas.
  • think little of (someone or something)
    быть неважного мнения о ком-либо \ чём-либо
    Personally I think very little of his acting.
  • think nothing of (something)
    считать пустяком, не придавать значения
    George is a reckless driver; he thinks nothing of driving eighty miles an hour.
  • think on one's feet
    думать о чём-либо мимоходом
    "This is a very serious matter; I don't want you to think on your feet."
  • think out (something)
    продумать что-либо до конца
    I carefully thought out what I was going to say to my boss.
  • think out loud
    размышлять вслух
    When I am alone, I often think out loud.
  • think outside the box
    представлять что-либо образно, творчески
    An imaginative and creative person is able to think outside the box.
  • think over (something)
    обдумать что-либо
    I was left alone to think over the sudden and wonderful events of the day.
  • think the world of (someone or something)
    быть очень высокого мнения о ком-либо \ чём-либо
    Mrs. Summerfield thinks the world of her children.
  • think twice (before doing something)
    хорошенько подумать о чём-либо
    My teacher advised me to think twice about my future before deciding to quit school.
  • think up (an excuse/idea)
    придумать (оправдание, план)
    Samantha sat in her room, thinking up silly things to feel less bored.
  • third degree
    допрос с пристрастием, допрос с применением пытки
    Mary's husband is extremely jealous and she is often given the third degree.
  • thirst/thirsty for (something)
    страстное желание, жажда чего-либо
    The young woman has an unusual thirst for traveling.
  • thorn in (someone's) side
    источник постоянного раздражения или неприятностей; "бельмо на глазу'
    Julia was his brother's wife and a thorn in his side.
  • those three little words
    я люблю тебя (эти три маленьких слова)
    I don't know what prevented me from saying those three little words to Kelly.
  • thousand and one
    очень много, тысяча и один
    The pupil did a thousand and one sums in order to be ready for a Math test.
  • thrash (something) out
    тщательно обсуждать что-либо, прорабатывать
    "You may have a few meetings of your own with him to thrash some of the details out."
  • thread (one's way) through (something)
    с трудом прокладывать себе дорогу, проталкиваться через что-либо
    The platform swarmed with people and Dave had to thread his way through the crowd to get to his carriage.
  • three R's
    три составные начального образования: чтение, письмо, арифметика
    Students study the three R's in elementary school.
  • three sheets to the wind
    быть очень пьяным, нетвёрдо держаться на ногах
    I saw my neighbor walking down the street last night; he seemed to have three sheets to the wind.
  • thrill (someone) to pieces/death
    быть чрезвычайно довольным кем-либо
    It thrilled Julia to death when the teacher praised her essay.
  • through and through
    досконально, основательно
    Nathan read the book through and through, from cover to cover.
  • through hell and high water
    (пройти) через всевозможные трудности, (пройти) огонь и воду
    Mark is a very reliable man; I could go through hell and high water with him.
  • through the grapevine
    (услышать, узнать) от других людей
    We heard it through the grapevine that Jill is to be promoted soon.
  • through the mill
    переживать трудную ситуацию
    Pauline has been through the mill because of her untimely husband's death.
  • through thick and thin
    решительно поддерживать кого-либо, действовать стойко
    There were five hundred men to back him up through thick and thin.
  • throw (someone's) name around
    произвести впечатление, упомянув имя знаменитости
    Jennet likes to throw the names of influential persons around.
  • throw (someone)
    озадачить кого-либо
    I thought my boss was on a business trip, and it threw me when I saw him in the office.