Идиомы на букву T

  • talk (someone) out of (doing something)
    убедить кого-либо не делать что-либо
    I tried to talk my husband out of buying a spots car, so far without any success.
  • talk (someone) out of (something)
    отговорить кого-либо от чего-либо, разубедить
    I tried to talk my husband out of buying a spots car, so far without any success.
  • talk (something) over
    обсудить что-либо, обговорить
    "I'd like to talk over the existing problem with you, if you don't mind."
  • talk a blue streak
    говорить без умолку
    The women who sat behind me talked a blue streak, and I couldn't hear the film very well.
  • talk back to (someone)
    возражать, дерзить кому-либо
    Bob is a naughty boy; he always talks back to his parents.
  • talk big
    When Erick visited us, he talked big about a lot of money he was going to get soon.
  • talk down to (someone)
    выставлять себя в лучшем свете (перед кем-либо)
    Jane is the smartest student in her class, but she never talks down to her friends or classmates.
  • talk in circles
    говорить одно и тоже, "толочь воду в ступе"
    "Stop talking in circles; tell me straight what you want me to do."
  • talk of (somewhere)
    предмет разговора (где-либо)
    The recent arrest of the prominent banker has become the talk of the town.
  • talk oneself out
    I saw that Ron was very upset and I let him talk himself out.
  • talk out (a problem)
    обсудить (проблему) до конца
    I have decided to talk things out with Charles.
  • talk shop
    говорить на профессиональные темы
    As they walked up the street together they began to talk shop.
  • talk through one's hat
    вести глупые разговоры, "нести чушь"
    "You are talking through your hat! What's got into you, I wonder?"
  • talk turkey
    серьёзно обсуждать что-либо
    It's necessary to talk turkey as far as her future plans are concerned.
  • talk until one is blue in the face
    говорить до посинения
    I could have talked until I was blue in the face, but he wouldn't listen to reason.
  • talk up (someone or something)
    расхваливать кого-либо \ что-либо
    My Mom always warms to anyone who talks up her food.
  • tamper with (something)
    неумело пытаться сделать что-либо
    Someone has tampered with the seal of this letter.
  • tan (someone's) hide
    наказать, нашлёпать кого-либо
    I told my brother that I would tan his hide if he used my computer again.
  • taper off
    утихать, становиться меньше
    The storm didn't taper off for several days.
  • tar and feather (someone)
    строго наказать кого-либо (вымазать дёгтем и обвалять в перьях)
    The owner of the cottage threatened that he would tar and feather anyone who broke into his house.
  • tarred with the same brush
    люди одного склада, "одного поля ягода", "одним миром мазаны"
    These politicians are all tarred with the same brush; they promise much but do little.
  • taste blood
    быть в состоянии причинить вред (своему врагу)
    Jimmy could taste blood when he discovered the weak points of the man whom he detested.
  • taste of (something)
    почувствовать вкус чего-либо
    Adam got a taste of playing cricket while he was on holiday in Manchester.
  • taste of things to come
    образец грядущих событий
    The rent increase was a taste of things to come with the new owner of our apartment house.
  • tax-and-spend
    облагать налогом (что-либо приобретаемое в собственность)
    The tax-and-spend attitude is convenient for the government but many people do not like it.
  • TB
    Tuberculosis - туберкулёз
    One of Andrew's patients got TB and was taken to hospital.
  • TBA
    To Be Announced - подлежит объявлению (позднее)
    I looked at the Board to find out the time of the arrival of my train but it only said TBA.
  • teach one's grandmother to suck eggs
    поучать старших, "учить учёного"
    Bill was trying to show the mechanic how to repair his car, and it was like teaching my grandmother to suck eggs.
  • teach someone a lesson
    преподать кому-либо урок, проучить кого-либо
    The burns the child got from playing with matches taught him a lesson.
  • teacher's pet
    любимчик (учителя)
    I never was my teacher's pet when I studies in high school.
  • team player
    человек, умеющий работать в команде с другими людьми
    Ogden Nash turned out to be a good team player; he works well with all of the other members of the staff.
  • team up with (someone)
    присоединяться к кому-либо
    Many children teamed up with us to play games in the playground.
  • tear down (someone)
    говорить плохо о ком-либо, критиковать
    The speaker tore down one of the city authorities for his poor job performance.
  • tear down (something)
    разрушать что-либо, сносить
    Across the river I saw the walls of old houses that were being torn down.
  • tear into (someone or something)
    ругать, набрасываться на кого-либо \ что-либо
    The woman tore into her husband for having bought an expensive car.