Идиомы на букву S

  • small/fine print
    мелкий шрифт
    It's necessary to pay attention to the fine print before you sign a document or a contract.
  • small/wee hours (of the night/morning)
    первые часы после полуночи, предрассветные часы
    My Uncle Ben died in the small hours of the night.
  • smart money is on (something)
    хорошая идея (относительно чего-либо)
    The smart money is on the government officials who decided to introduce a new tax law next year.
  • smash hit
    пользующиеся большим кассовым успехом (фильм, песня и т.д.)
    "Do you know which films are considered to be smash hits of the year?"
  • smear campaign (against someone)
    клеветническая кампания (против кого-либо)
    I am sure someone is running a smear campaign against the president of our company.
  • smell a rat
    заподозрить, почуять неладное
    When Clara didn't come back with my money, I began to smell a rat.
  • smell blood
    желать узнать причину, взять след
    McAllister could smell blood when he began to investigate the poisoning of the elderly couple by their own granddaughter.
  • smile from ear to ear
    широко улыбаться (улыбка от уха до уха)
    Collin was smiling from ear to ear when he saw his friends approaching him.
  • smile on (someone or something)
    быть благосклонным, расположенным к кому-либо \ чему-либо
    I couldn't understand if my instructor was smiling on me or not.
  • smoke (someone or something) out
    выкурить кого-либо \ что-либо, избавиться
    They tried everything in order to smoke out hornets, but nothing helped.
  • smoke (something) out
    обнаружить, найти что-либо, выведать
    Steve decided to smoke out the reason why Richard had concealed important evidence from the police.
  • smoke and mirrors
    обман и неразбериха (попытка скрыть что-либо)
    The drug dealers used a scheme of smoke and mirrors to hide their illegal business.
  • smooth (something) over
    представить что-либо в лучшем свете, уладить
    Hardly had I smoothed one problem over when another one appeared.
  • smooth sailing
    лёгкое продвижение вперёд, "всё идёт как по маслу"
    To fix up a party is smooth sailing; we don't expect any obstacles or problems.
  • snail's pace
    очень медленно, черепашьим шагом
    During rush hours the cars downtown usually move at a snail's pace.
  • snake in the grass
    враг, претворяющийся другом
    Pat has turned out to be a snake in the grass. I trusted her, but she had betrayed me.
  • snake oil salesman
    продавец, пытающийся продать некачественный товар
    The car dealer is like a snake oil salesman. His second-hand cars are no good at all.
  • snap
    лёгкое дело, лёгкая задача
    The job interview was a snap, and I am sure I will get the job of a computer programmer.
  • snap (something) up
    расхватать что-либо
    The bargains were quickly snapped up by women shoppers.
  • snap at (someone)
    огрызаться на кого-либо, говорить резко или сердито
    I asked my sister to make some coffee. "I am not your slave," she snapped at me.
  • snap out of (something)
    возвратиться в нормальное состояние, выйти из чего-либо (депрессии)
    He had been in a black mood all morning, and I waited for him to snap out of it.
  • sniff out (someone or something)
    почуять, обнаружить кого-либо \ что-либо
    The cat sniffed out a mouse in the barn.
  • snow (someone) under
    быть заваленным, загруженным, обременённым
    Jeff has been snowed under with correspondence since his secretary was taken ill.
  • snow job
    неискреннее отношение, преднамеренная лесть
    Martha's speech before the shareholders was a snow job.
  • so clean you can eat off the floor
    очень чисто
    I did up my bedroom and it became so clean you could eat off the floor.
  • so far
    пока что
    Jill has been traveling around Europe; she has visited four countries so far.
  • so far, so good
    пока все хорошо
    "How is your married life?" I asked Hilda. "So far, so good," she replied.
  • so help me
    я клянусь, я обещаю
    "So help me, if you do not return my textbook, I'll never let you borrow anything from me."
  • so long
    пока (прощание)
    "So long, I hope to see you again soon."
  • so mad that one could scream
    безумно злой
    Linda got so mad that she could scream when the secretary had made a lot of mistakes in the document.
  • so much
    столько-то, (так) много
    Jordan had so much to think about.
  • so much for (someone or something)
    довольно (говорить) о ком-либо \чём-либо
    "So much for that; you are not going to come here again!"
  • so much the better
    тем лучше
    "So much the better. If extra money is given, we will be able to complete the construction of the bridge sooner."
  • so quiet you can hear a pin drop
    очень тихо; слышно, как муха пролетит
    I think I dropped a brick for it suddenly became so quiet you could hear a pin drop.
  • so soon
    так скоро, так быстро
    I did not expect my parents to return so soon from their visit to our relatives.