Идиомы на букву S

  • so still you can hear a pin drop
    очень тихо; слышно, как муха пролетит
    The students were writing a test, and it was so still in the classroom you could hear a pin drop.
  • so to speak
    так сказать
    Greg was not a bad guy, so to speak, although few people liked him.
  • so-and-so
    такой-то, такой сякой (о человеке, который вам не нравиться)
    Nobody likes that so-and-so. He has a really unpleasant personality.
  • so-so
    так себе, "серединка на половинку"
    "How is the patient today, doctor?" - "So-so," the latter responded.
  • soak (something) up
    впитывать, всасывать что-либо
    "Get some blotting-paper to soak up the ink."
  • soaked to the skin
    промокнуть до нитки
    The children had been walking in the rain for two hours and were soaked to the skin.
  • SOB
    Son Of a Bitch - сукин сын
    The man got angry called Sam a SOB when Sam tried to jump the queue at the filling station.
  • sob story
    печальная история
    Pauline told me a sob story about her family problems.
  • sock (something) away
    убирать, прятать что-либо в укромное место
    I have decided to sock my clothes away for the time when my daughter's kids can wear them.
  • sock away (some money)
    убирать, прятать деньги в укромное место
    I have decided to sock away some money to pay for my college education.
  • sock it to (someone)
    дать тумака, побить кого-либо
    Brown socked it to his neighbor for having damaged part of his property.
  • soft spot for (someone or something)
    чувство привязанности, симпатии к кому-либо \ чему-либо
    I have a soft spot for my elderly neighbor.
  • soil one's diapers
    пачкать пелёнки
    Marion's baby soils its diapers almost every hour.
  • sold out
    быть распроданным
    We came to the cinema a bit late; all the tickets were sold out.
  • solid as a rock
    стабильный, заслуживающий доверия, "твёрдый как скала"
    The City bank is said to be as solid as a rock.
  • somebody up there loves/hates me
    кто-то на небе благоволит ко мне или ненавидит меня
    "Somebody up there hates me," he said, "I have been out of luck lately."
  • someone's fingerprints are on (something)
    оставить следы (отпечатки пальцев) на чём-либо
    The criminal's fingerprints were on everything in the room; he had not been very careful.
  • something about (someone or something)
    что-то (странное, особенное, любопытное) о ком-либо \ чём-либо
    There is something about the man's offer; it sounds very bizarre.
  • something else
    что-то невероятное
    The circus performance was something else. It was the best show that I have ever seen.
  • something else again
    что-то совсем другое
    Staying at home all day is OK, but staying at home when my siblings go to a movie is something else again.
  • something of the sort
    что-то в этом роде
    I know that Bob is keen on car races or something of the sort.
  • something or other
    что-то, что-то такое
    My father said something or other about his new job but I didn't quite get it.
  • something's up
    что-то происходит
    I do not know what is going on in the neighbor's apartment, but I am sure that something's up.
  • something-minded
    сосредоточиваться на чём-либо, думать только об одном
    Jeremy Smith is money-minded; all he thinks about is money.
  • something/words to that effect
    что-то в этом роде
    The shopkeeper said that dogs were not allowed into the shop or something to that effect.
  • somewhere in the neighborhood of (an amount of money or something)
    где-то в районе (количество денег или чего-либо ещё)
    There were somewhere in the neighborhood of two thousand people at the demonstration.
  • son of a gun/bitch)
    сукин сын (ужасный)
    "Son of a bitch," Jeremy swore under his breath.
  • son of a sea biscuit
    сукин сын (более мягкое выражение)
    "Son of a sea biscuit," Sam exclaimed when he saw his younger son chasing hens in the yard.
  • song and dance
    оправдание, отговорка
    The student gave the teacher a song and dance about being late for classes.
  • sooner or later
    рано или поздно
    "Sooner or later you will want to get rid of the old furniture."
  • sore loser
    (человек) не умеющий достойно проигрывать
    Eva is not a sore loser, and she is never upset when she does not win a game of cricket.
  • sort (something) out
    прояснять, приводить в порядок
    I will have to sort out all my things before moving to a new apartment.
  • sort of (something)
    вроде того
    "Have you finished papering the walls in the bedroom?" "Sort of, but some work is still left to be done."
  • SOS
    сигнал бедствия, СОС (спасите наши души)
    The Titanic was sending out SOS signals, but the Carpathia was too far away from the ship and couldn't come to its rescue.
  • sound (someone) out
    стараться выяснить чьё-либо мнение, "зондировать почву"
    Simon made it his duty to sound out the members of the staff.