Идиомы на букву S

  • skip rope
    прыгать на скакалке
    The children were laughing happily as they were skipping rope.
  • sky's the limit
    без ограничения
    The sky is the limit for my uncle; he can make all the money he craves for.
  • slack off
    разлениться, стать менее активным, сбавлять темп
    Desmond's business has slacked off, and he has decided to try his luck in another place.
  • slap (someone or something) down
    отвергать кого-либо \ что-либо, забраковать
    My tutor slapped my term paper down and I was very upset.
  • slap (something) together
    поспешно смастерить что-либо, сделать наспех
    They were in a hurry to slap together a few benches to put in the garden.
  • slap in the face
    оскорбление, пощёчина, оплеуха
    Brett hadn't expected that Dina would refuse to go out with him; it was a slap in the face for him.
  • slap on the wrist
    легкое наказание, шлепок по руке
    Bobby received a slap on the wrist for having told his mother a lie.
  • slated for (something)
    планировать, намечать
    The house is slated for restoration next month.
  • slave to (someone or something)
    быть рабом кого-либо \ чего-либо
    Mr. Murdoch is a slave to his old car, which breaks down every few miles.
  • sleep (something) off
    проспаться, отоспаться
    Jeremy had too much to drink last night and is now sleeping the effects off.
  • sleep in
    Ann slept in and didn't appear at work in time.
  • sleep like a log/baby
    крепко спать, "спать как убитый"
    I slept like a log and didn't hear my alarm-clock, which was trying to wake me up.
  • sleep on (something)
    обдумать и решить что-либо
    "I like your proposal, but I will sleep on it before I give you the answer."
  • sleep with (someone)
    спать с кем-либо
    The little puppies slept peacefully with their mother.
  • slice of the cake/pie
    доля чего-либо
    Kelly demanded that she be given a slice of the cake in their family business.
  • slip away/off/out
    ускользнуть, уйти незамеченным
    Jim didn't want to be seen, so he quietly slipped out of the room.
  • slip of the tongue
    "I didn't mean to say that; it was a slip of the tongue."
  • slip one's mind
    забыть, выпасть из памяти
    It completely slipped my mind that I had promised to call my friend the previous day.
  • slip out
    просачиваться (о секретной информации)
    It slipped out that the largest company in the country might go bankrupt.
  • slip through (someone's) fingers
    упустить возможность, просочиться у кого-либо между пальцев
    Sally had a very good opportunity of getting a good job, but she let it slip through her fingers.
  • slip up
    ошибиться, сделать ошибку
    Jack was sure that Rita had slipped up when she said that Mr. Grover was in his office.
  • slow as molasses in January
    быть очень медлительным
    My granddaughter is as slow as molasses in January when she walks to school in the morning.
  • slow down
    замедлять ход, тормозить
    Tim slowed down to 25 miles an hour.
  • slow going
    замедленный темп или трудность выполнения чего-либо
    It was slow going as I was learning to work on the computer.
  • slow on the draw
    медлительный (человек)
    Mary is said to be slow on the draw, but she immediately takes advantage of an opportunity when she sees it.
  • slow on the uptake
    тупой, несообразительный
    My new student is slow on the uptake, and I have to explain everything to him several times.
  • slow up
    The sales manager decided to slow up the activity of his department because of some problems.
  • slow-witted
    медленно соображающий, тупой
    "I don't think Kelly is slow-witted; she is just lazy."
  • slower and slower
    всё медленнее и медленнее
    Robert ran slower and slower and at last he stopped, struggling for breath.
  • slowly but surely
    медленно, но верно
    If you do something slowly but surely, it will be done properly.
  • smack dab in the middle
    прямо посредине
    "Look! There is a big hole smack dab in the middle of your skirt."
  • smack into (someone or something)
    врезаться в кого-либо \ что-либо
    A truck ran smack into Carry's car.
  • small fry
    мелкие людишки, мелкая сошка, малыши
    The older children went to the party, but the small fry was left at home.
  • small potatoes
    что-либо небольшое или незначительное
    The amount of money for the road is small potatoes compared to the cost of the bridge.
  • small-time
    мелкий, незначительный
    Meredith is a small-time tennis player and never participates in serious competitions.