Идиомы на букву S

  • second a motion
    согласиться с предложением, одобрить
    Simon seconded the motion that the office hours should be an hour longer.
  • second hand
    использованный, не новый
    Maria bought some second-hand clothes for her baby son.
  • second nature to (someone)
    чья-либо вторая натура
    It is second nature to Della to talk nineteen to the dozen.
  • second thought
    дальнейшие соображения, пересмотр решения
    "On second thought maybe I should join you to go on an excursion."
  • second to none
    никем не превзойдённый; лучше, чем всё остальное
    Jack is a very gifted pianist; his performance is usually second to none.
  • second wind
    второе дыхание
    After they got their second wind, they continued to rake the hay.
  • second-guess (someone)
    предугадать чьи-либо действия
    It is next to impossible to second-guess what Steve would do in a risky situation.
  • second-rate
    The radio-set which my brother bought is not of the best quality; it's definitely second-rate.
  • security against (something)
    защита против чего-либо
    Her father's inheritance was Sue's security against poverty.
  • security blanket
    любой знакомый предмет, создающий чувство уверенности
    Sally used her piano as a security blanket; she played it when she was distressed or annoyed.
  • see (someone or something) as (something)
    считать, рассматривать кого-либо \ что-либо (в качестве чего-либо)
    Nora knows French very well, so everybody sees her as an expert in the language.
  • see (someone) home
    провожать кого-либо домой
    "It's time I were off. Can you see me home?"
  • see (someone) off
    провожать кого-либо в дорогу
    At the station I met Felix who had come to see his wife off.
  • see (someone) out
    проводить кого-либо из комнаты, из дома
    I was afraid to get lost in the building, so I asked my friend to see me out.
  • see (someone) to (somewhere)
    довести кого-либо до какого-либо места
    Every morning Stella saw her daughter to the door of the school building.
  • see (something) out
    дождаться конца, досидеть до конца
    It was getting late, so we decided not to see the play out.
  • see (something) through
    доводить что-либо до конца
    Dick saw the operation through without wincing.
  • see a man about a dog
    пойти в туалет (эвфемизм)
    Jeremy drank too much beer, so he had to stop his car several times to see a man about a dog.
  • see about (something)
    проследить за чем-либо, проконтролировать
    "I want you to see about getting the work finished."
  • see double
    двоится (в глазах)
    Sam fell off a ladder and hit his head badly; he began to see double soon after that.
  • see eye to eye (with someone)
    сходиться во взглядах с кем-либо
    William doesn't see eye to eye with me in this question.
  • see fit to (do something)
    считать нужным, целесообразным делать что-либо
    Valery saw fit to devote more time to her term paper.
  • see no objection to (something)
    не иметь возражений против чего-либо
    Mrs. Jones saw no objection to her daughter's throwing a party.
  • see one's way clear to (do something)
    чувствовать в себе способность делать что-либо
    I didn't see my way clear to begin writing the essay, so I decided to put it off for a while.
  • see pink elephants
    воображать, придумывать что-либо не существующее
    I didn't believe Dina's story; I think she was seeing pink elephants.
  • see red
    придти в бешенство, быть ослеплённым яростью
    "What did you mean when you spoke of the man seeing red?"
  • see stars
    искры из глаз посыпались (в результате удара по голове)
    Tim struck his head badly against the low beam in the barn and began to see stars.
  • see the color of (someone's) money
    убедиться в наличии денег у кого-либо
    "Let me see the color of your money first," the salesperson told the boy.
  • see the handwriting on the wall
    знать, иметь предчувствие, что что-то произойдёт
    I saw the handwriting on the wall and was aware that our small business would soon go bankrupt.
  • see the last of (someone or something)
    видеть кого-либо \ что-либо в последний раз
    "We have seen the last of Greg, thank God!"
  • see the light
    прозреть, понять в чём дело
    No matter how hard I tried I couldn't see the light and didn't know how to proceed with my research.
  • see the light at the end of the tunnel
    предвидеть конец чего-либо (задания, проблемы)
    The task is challenging, but I hope that finally I will see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • see the light of day
    родиться, увидеть свет
    It took Roy ages to write his memoirs and I hope the book would see the light of day soon.
  • see the sights
    осматривать достопримечательности
    I am very fond of going places and seeing the sights.
  • see the world/things through rose-colored glasses
    смотреть сквозь розовые очки, видеть всё в розовом свете
    Sheila is too optimistic and she sees the world through rose-colored glasses.