Идиомы на букву S

  • say grace
    произнести молитву (перед или после еды)
    The children were supposed to say grace before each meal.
  • say one's piece
    высказаться откровенно
    Linda said her piece and hurriedly left the room.
  • say the word
    выразить, высказать желание
    "Say the word and it will be done."
  • say uncle
    сдаться, попросить пощады
    Tim pressed my arm and it hurt, but I didn't want to say uncle.
  • scale (something) down
    уменьшить что-либо (равномерно и пропорционально)
    I decided to scale down my plans for buying fishing tackle.
  • scare (someone) out of his or her wits
    (внезапно) страшно напугать кого-либо
    Suddenly I saw a man's shadow on the glass door and it scared me out of my wits.
  • scare (someone) silly
    сильно напугать кого-либо
    Mrs. Brown is afraid of mice, and when she saw a mouse run out from under her bed, it scared her silly.
  • scare (someone) stiff
    сильно напугать кого-либо
    Mary heard loud shouts outside her door and it scared her stiff.
  • scare the (living) daylights out of (someone)
    перепугать кого-либо чуть ли не до потери рассудка
    Seeing a huge dog ready to attack scared the daylights out of the boy.
  • scare up (someone or something)
    отыскать кого-либо \ что-либо
    I wasn't able to scare up a clean towel to use in the bathroom.
  • scared silly/stiff
    быть очень напуганным
    When I entered the house it was pitch dark there, and I was scared stiff.
  • scaredy-cat
    The children call Vera a scaredy-cat because she is easily frightened.
  • scatter (something) around
    разбросать повсюду
    The room was in a mess; my son scattered his books around it.
  • school of hard knocks
    суровый жизненный опыт
    You learn about ordinary experiences of life in the school of hard knocks.
  • school of thought
    общее мнение или точка зрения
    There are several schools of thought about the system of education in the country.
  • score points with someone
    завоевать чьё-либо расположение
    Paul Watergate always tries to score points with the brass hats of the company.
  • scout around for (someone or something)
    везде искать кого-либо \ что-либо
    The hospital is scouting around for skilled medical nurses.
  • scrape (something) together
    наскрести или накопить (по мелочам)
    Jimmy managed to scrape up together a few dollars by searching all the pockets.
  • scrape (something) up
    наскрести, накопить (по мелочам)
    Jimmy managed to scrape up a few dollars by searching all the pockets.
  • scrape the bottom of the barrel
    взять то, что осталось; наскрести
    All the best books have been chosen; I am scraping the bottom of the barrel, trying to make do with what has been left.
  • scratch (someone's) back
    делать взаимные услуги, "рука руку моет"
    "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours," were the relations between the employees in the company.
  • scratch around for (something)
    искать что-либо здесь и там
    I was scratching around for some money to pay my fare.
  • scratch one's head
    приводить в замешательство, озадачивать кого-либо
    I left Jenifer scratching her head after I told her the news of Harry's engagement.
  • scratch the surface
    относиться поверхностно, скользить по поверхности
    The lecturer merely scratched the surface of the subject.
  • scream bloody murder
    горько сетовать, жаловаться
    The girl screamed bloody murder when her purse had been stolen.
  • scream one's head off
    пронзительно кричать
    When Mary saw a mouse, she screamed her head off.
  • screw around
    слоняться без дела
    Kelly screwed around all morning, waiting for the postman to come.
  • screw up
    напортить, причинить неприятности
    "You have screwed up my plans for the weekend; I will have to stay at home because of you."
  • screw up one's courage
    набраться храбрости, отважиться
    Ann could hardly screw up her courage to ask her boss for a day off work.
  • scrimp and save
    экономить, быть бережливым
    Wanda has to scrimp and save in order to buy new clothes.
  • scrounge around for (something)
    искать что-либо (во многих местах), пытаться найти
    I have been scrounging around the office for some good paper to put into the printer.
  • seamy side of life
    неприглядная сторона, изнанка жизни
    Gina knows the world from its seamy side of life.
  • search high and low for (someone or something)
    (тщательно) искать кого-либо \ что-либо
    Yesterday morning Willy was searching high and low for his car keys.
  • search me
    откуда я знаю
    I asked my cousin what had happened to their front door; it wouldn't close and she said, "Search me".
  • search one's heart/soul
    раздумывать (над чем-либо)
    Since his wife's death in a car crash, Tim had been searching his soul to see if he could have prevented the accident.