Идиомы на букву S

  • share and share alike
    делить поровну, в равных долях
    Landgrave bequeathed the whole of his property to his nieces and nephews share and share alike.
  • salt away (money)
    сберечь, сэкономить деньги
    I was able to salt away some money for my holiday.
  • stab (someone) in the back
    предавать, клеветать за спиной, "всадить нож в спину"
    I can never again trust Kelly because she tried to stab me in the back.
  • save the day
    спасти положение
    "There is no use being angry with me for applying to Sam for help; I had to save the day."
  • same to you
    то же самое относится к тебе
    "The same to you," I told my brother when he said I was absent-minded.
  • speak with a forked tongue
    I suspect that Mark speaks with a forked tongue that's why everyone distrusts him.
  • strike while the iron is hot
    пользоваться благоприятной возможностью, "куй железо пока горячо"
    My friend told me about a vacancy in their office, so I decided to strike while the iron was hot and quickly applied for the job.
  • set one's teeth on edge
    действовать кому-либо на нервы, раздражать, выводить из себя
    "Please, stop that noise! It sets my teeth on edge."
  • stuff one's face
    набить себе желудок, много съесть
    I was not hungry because I stuffed my face in the restaurant.
  • see the sights
    осматривать достопримечательности
    I am very fond of going places and seeing the sights.
  • smile from ear to ear
    широко улыбаться (улыбка от уха до уха)
    Collin was smiling from ear to ear when he saw his friends approaching him.
  • safe bet
    уверенность, несомненный факт (досл. ставка на лошадь, которая непременно выиграет)
    Thompson's project change proposal is a safe bet and I am sure we should accept it.
  • straw that broke the camel's back
    переполнить чашу терпения
    Alan cheated on me again and it was the straw that broke the camel's back; I decided to break off with him.
  • setback
    неудача, регресс, задержка
    The family suffered a setback when the head of the family lost his job.
  • salt (something) away
    припрятывать, "складывать в кубышку"
    I have been salting away some money, so that I can go on a holiday to Spain.
  • stand on one's head (to do something)
    делать большие усилия
    Jordan did everything but stand on his head to help his friend quit smoking.
  • see things
    бредить, галлюцинировать
    Allan had been drinking too much that day and by the evening started to see things.
  • sink or swim
    будь, что будет! либо пан, либо пропал
    I was left on my own to sink or swim; no one gave me any help.
  • slap in the face
    оскорбление, пощёчина, оплеуха
    Brett hadn't expected that Dina would refuse to go out with him; it was a slap in the face for him.
  • see through (someone or something)
    видеть кого-либо \ что-либо насквозь
    Nora suddenly quit her job, and I could neither understand nor see through the real reason for doing it.
  • skate on thin ice
    рисковать, быть на грани опасности, "играть с огнём"
    Trent had been skating on thin ice all his life.
  • strike up a friendship with (someone)
    завязать знакомство с кем-либо
    During his stay in Congo Joe struck up a friendship with a few natives.
  • strapped for cash
    не хватать денег, иметь мало денег
    I couldn't buy the dress I wanted because I was strapped for cash.
  • shoot oneself in the foot
    сделать ошибку или принять глупое решение
    Nick shot himself in the foot when he decided to invest into a Canadian Oil company.
  • saving grace
    положительное качество, перевешивающее недостатки
    Dana's saving grace is her exceptional kindness, but at the same time she has a rather strange personality.
  • strike a happy medium
    найти золотую середину
    Our professor succeeded in striking a happy medium between being strict and being friendly to the students.
  • set one's eyes on (someone or something)
    видеть кого-либо \ что-либо впервые
    My sister bought a new house, but I have not set my eyes on it yet.
  • save (someone's) neck/skin
    спасать свою шкуру
    Jeremy had to sell his investments in order to save his neck.
  • set off (something)
    выделять, оттенять
    The blue frock which Dina wore that day set off her beautiful eyes.
  • show-and-tell
    демонстрировать, показывать и рассказывать
    The teacher asked her students to bring their favorite toys for show-and-tell.
  • squirrel (something) away
    сделать запас (заначку) чего-либо
    I sometimes have to squirrel some extra money away so that I can use it later.
  • so clean you can eat off the floor
    очень чисто
    I did up my bedroom and it became so clean you could eat off the floor.
  • show of hands
    открытое голосование, голосование поднятием рук
    It was proposed that we vote by a show of hands.
  • sit up and take notice
    (внезапно) заинтересоваться, встревожиться или насторожиться
    I heard a loud thump, which made me sit up and take notice.
  • see one's way clear to (do something)
    чувствовать в себе способность делать что-либо
    I didn't see my way clear to begin writing the essay, so I decided to put it off for a while.