Идиомы на букву S

  • steal someone's heart
    заставить кого-либо влюбиться, влюбить в себя
    Miranda is very attractive and can easily steal a man's heart.
  • saddled with debt
    (быть) обременённым долгами
    The shop owner is saddled with debt and must sell his shop as soon as possible.
  • shake hands with (someone)
    пожать руки в знак приветствия
    Chan shook hands with his friend when he met him outside the office.
  • shoot one's mouth off
    хвастливо болтать или говорить о том, чего хорошо не знаешь
    Sandra always shoots her mouth off about something she doesn't know very well.
  • stand on ceremony
    придавать большое значение правилам поведения (церемониям)
    Please don't stand on ceremony; be natural and easy.
  • swim against the tide/current
    действовать, преодолевая сопротивление; "плыть против течения"
    I had to swim against the tide as there was a lot of opposition to my project.
  • set a precedent
    устанавливать прецедент или политику, которой надо следовать в будущем
    A legal case may set a precedent that will be the policy to be followed in future cases.
  • sack out
    лечь спать, "вырубиться"
    I was so tired that I sacked out as soon as I got into bed.
  • shoe is on the other foot
    положение изменилось, (теперь уже не то)
    The shoe is on the other foot now that my sister is the only money earner in the family after her husband's death.
  • strike out
    не удаваться, потерпеть неудачу
    I struck out in my attempt at fund rising.
  • speak up
    говорить громко и отчётливо
    "I'd like you to speak up so that everybody in class can hear you."
  • start off on the wrong foot
    плохо начать (какую-либо деятельность или отношения с кем-либо)
    I can admit that I started off on the wrong foot with my in-laws.
  • step on it
    ехать быстрее, поторопиться
    I was in a hurry, so I asked the taxi driver to step on it.
  • sands of time
    течение времени (как сыпется песок в песочных часах)
    The sands of time have done much to make me understand the meaning of true friendship.
  • scared silly/stiff
    быть очень напуганным
    When I entered the house it was pitch dark there, and I was scared stiff.
  • second nature to (someone)
    чья-либо вторая натура
    It is second nature to Della to talk nineteen to the dozen.
  • set tongues wagging
    сплетничать, "распустить языки"
    The conflict between Landcroft and his wife set tongues wagging around the neighborhood.
  • swelled head
    Marcia has a swelled head; she thinks that she is the most gifted person in her class.
  • safety in numbers
    чувство надёжности в окружении большого количества людей
    A lot of people were swimming in the rough sea, and I thought the risk was reduced because there is safety in numbers.
  • stand (something) on its head
    придать чему-либо противоположное значение, исказить, поставить с ног на голову
    We didn't agree with them because they stood this important matter on its head.
  • set the world on fire
    сделать что-либо выдающееся
    Sofia thinks much of herself, but I know she is not able to set the world on fire.
  • see no objection to (something)
    не иметь возражений против чего-либо
    Mrs. Jones saw no objection to her daughter's throwing a party.
  • smart money is on (something)
    хорошая идея (относительно чего-либо)
    The smart money is on the government officials who decided to introduce a new tax law next year.
  • stand up
    выдерживать (высокую температуру или продолжительное пользование)
    Steel stands up well to high temperature.
  • slow on the uptake
    тупой, несообразительный
    My new student is slow on the uptake, and I have to explain everything to him several times.
  • see to it (that something is done)
    позаботиться о том, чтобы что-либо было сделано
    Hudson saw to it that the staff meeting was short.
  • stare (someone) in the face
    быть очевидным
    "Are you looking for your pen? It's on your desk, staring you in the face."
  • strike a bargain
    заключить сделку, придти к соглашению
    I wanted to strike a bargain with my friend to buy his computer.
  • set in
    начинаться, наступать, устанавливаться
    Winter set in early that year.
  • snow (someone) under
    быть заваленным, загруженным, обременённым
    Jeff has been snowed under with correspondence since his secretary was taken ill.
  • smoke and mirrors
    обман и неразбериха (попытка скрыть что-либо)
    The drug dealers used a scheme of smoke and mirrors to hide their illegal business.
  • set one back on one's heels
    удивить, ошеломить, шокировать кого-либо
    The news, which set my back on my heels, was announced at the interval of thirty minutes.
  • square meal
    сытная еда
    In English families dinner, which is eaten between 6 and 7, is usually a square meal.
  • sit at (someone's) feet
    восхищаться кем-либо
    Elvis Regan is a great singer, and I am ready to sit at his feet for ever.
  • stand by (someone)
    помогать, поддерживать, быть верным другом
    Marion is a very devoted wife; she always stands by her husband when he is in the lurch.