Идиомы на букву S

  • stick one's neck out (for someone or something)
    рисковать ради кого-либо \ чего-либо
    "I am not going to stick my neck out for you."
  • save face
    сохранить свою репутацию, достоинство в неблагоприятной ситуации
    We ought to act very cautiously and try to save face whatever happens.
  • second to none
    никем не превзойдённый; лучше, чем всё остальное
    Jack is a very gifted pianist; his performance is usually second to none.
  • show one's true colors
    предстать в своём настоящем виде
    The young woman showed her true colors; I had never seen a more outrageous person!
  • spill the beans
    выдать секрет
    My friend spilled the beans about my smoking though he had promised not to tell my Mom about it.
  • see which way the wind is blowing
    определить, что нужно сделать в первую очередь
    I made up my mind to see which way the wind is blowing before I started to write my essay.
  • set up a meeting
    устроить собрание, встречу, совещание
    Stella was trying to set up a meeting with the Dean of the Mass Media Department.
  • say "I do"
    согласен \ согласна (говорится во время венчания или регистрации брака)
    I know that during a wedding ceremony it is common to say "I do" when you agree to marry your partner.
  • stew in one's own juice
    страдать из-за своих проступков
    "You'll be stewing in your own juice if you get into trouble again."
  • so far, so good
    пока все хорошо
    "How is your married life?" I asked Hilda. "So far, so good," she replied.
  • sweat blood
    быть озабоченным и напряжённым
    During the interrogation the man was sweating blood.
  • see (someone) home
    провожать кого-либо домой
    "It's time I were off. Can you see me home?"
  • split hairs
    вдаваться в чрезмерные тонкости, спорить о мелочах
    "Pray don't let us be splitting hairs or there will never be the end of our dispute."
  • split up
    разойтись, прекратить отношения по взаимному согласию
    Our company split up due to the founder's untimely death.
  • stand up to (someone)
    смело выступить против кого-либо
    I can't help admiring Ken; he stood up to his boss and told him everything in his face.
  • skin and bones
    кожа да кости, очень худой
    Cecily has been keeping to a slimming diet for a long time, and now she is all skin and bones.
  • sight for sore eyes
    приятное зрелище, желанный гость
    "You look gorgeous! You are a sight for sore eyes."
  • strike gold
    найти золотую жилу, напасть на золотую жилу
    Jeremy seems to have struck gold with his new computer games product.
  • see the light
    прозреть, понять в чём дело
    No matter how hard I tried I couldn't see the light and didn't know how to proceed with my research.
  • school of hard knocks
    суровый жизненный опыт
    You learn about ordinary experiences of life in the school of hard knocks.
  • sail under false colors
    скрыть своё настоящее имя, "плыть под чужим флагом"
    Hudson had the wisdom to sail under false colors in that foolish jaunt of his.
  • scrimp and save
    экономить, быть бережливым
    Wanda has to scrimp and save in order to buy new clothes.
  • slack off
    разлениться, стать менее активным, сбавлять темп
    Desmond's business has slacked off, and he has decided to try his luck in another place.
  • straight from the shoulder
    (говорить) прямо, без обиняков
    I appreciate my friend's open and honest ways; he always speaks straight from the shoulder.
  • save (someone's) bacon
    помочь, спасти от провала
    I don't understand much about computers; and I was grateful to Steve as he saved my bacon when he came to help me.
  • smell blood
    желать узнать причину, взять след
    McAllister could smell blood when he began to investigate the poisoning of the elderly couple by their own granddaughter.
  • set a date
    назначить день свадьбы
    Paul set a date for their wedding, but his fiancee eloped with Adam, his best friend.
  • stuffed shirt
    чопорный, надутый, неприветливый человек
    "What do you think of Henry? What's your opinion of him?" - "I think he is a stuffed shirt."
  • step right up
    продвигаться вперёд по направлению к кому-либо \ чему-либо
    The booking-clerk told me to step right up when I was waiting for my turn to pay for my ticket.
  • slip of the tongue
    "I didn't mean to say that; it was a slip of the tongue."
  • save one's breath
    помалкивать; не соваться со своим мнением, советами
    I had a lot of questions to ask her, but looking how upset she was, I thought I'd better save my breath.
  • scratch the surface
    относиться поверхностно, скользить по поверхности
    The lecturer merely scratched the surface of the subject.
  • see stars
    искры из глаз посыпались (в результате удара по голове)
    Tim struck his head badly against the low beam in the barn and began to see stars.
  • squirrel away (some money)
    припрятать деньги, откладывать
    I sometimes have to squirrel some extra money away so that I can use it later.
  • see (someone or something) as (something)
    считать, рассматривать кого-либо \ что-либо (в качестве чего-либо)
    Nora knows French very well, so everybody sees her as an expert in the language.