Идиомы на букву S

  • swan song
    лебединая песня
    This film was a swan song of the great actress.
  • slice of the cake/pie
    доля чего-либо
    Kelly demanded that she be given a slice of the cake in their family business.
  • spread like wildfire
    распространяться быстро и бесконтрольно, как огонь
    During the very first signs of the earthquake the panic spread like wildfire throughout the area.
  • speak the same language
    иметь общие идеи, вкусы, мнения говорить на одном языке
    Unfortunately my cousin and I seldom speak the same language.
  • small fry
    мелкие людишки, мелкая сошка, малыши
    The older children went to the party, but the small fry was left at home.
  • see the color of (someone's) money
    убедиться в наличии денег у кого-либо
    "Let me see the color of your money first," the salesperson told the boy.
  • show one's teeth
    показать свой гнев или силу, "оскалить зубы"
    I got upset because my boss showed his teeth when I began to argue with him about my job.
  • save up (for something)
    делать сбережения, копить, откладывать
    With the money he is earning he can easily save up for a good car.
  • stir up a hornet's nest
    нажить много врагов, вызвать нарекания, "потревожить осиное гнездо"
    Mr. Galvani's speech at the shareholders' meeting stirred up a hornet's nest.
  • speak of the devil (and he appears)
    лёгок на помине
    "Speak of the devil and he appears," I said as Jimmy, who we were talking about, appeared in the doorway.
  • scrape the bottom of the barrel
    взять то, что осталось; наскрести
    All the best books have been chosen; I am scraping the bottom of the barrel, trying to make do with what has been left.
  • see double
    двоится (в глазах)
    Sam fell off a ladder and hit his head badly; he began to see double soon after that.
  • sharp tongue
    (иметь) острый язык, (быть) критичным, не добрым
    Nobody likes Cora; she has a sharp tongue and she very often says very unkind things to others.
  • strike (someone) as (something)
    действовать на кого-либо определённым образом, казаться кому-либо
    It strikes me as strange that Solomon has decided to take up mountaineering.
  • see the light of day
    родиться, увидеть свет
    It took Roy ages to write his memoirs and I hope the book would see the light of day soon.
  • splitting headache
    ужасная головная боль
    The other day I had a splitting headache, so I took some medicine to kill the pain.
  • see (someone) off
    провожать кого-либо в дорогу
    At the station I met Felix who had come to see his wife off.
  • stand in for (someone)
    замещать кого-либо
    Ron had to stand in for the security guard who had been taken ill.
  • steal (someone's) thunder
    заимствовать чьи-либо идеи, открытия и предать их гласности ради собственной выгоды
    Adam complained that they wouldn't let his play run, and yet they had stolen his thunder.
  • stand one's ground
    стоять на своём, не отступать, не сдавать своих позиций
    "If you know you are right, stand your ground, don't yield."
  • six feet under
    быть мёртвым
    "Mandy couldn't have called you, silly; she is six feet under."
  • stand on one's own two feet
    быть независимым, прочно стоять на ногах
    Joe has a useful job and earns his own money, so he stands on his own two feet.
  • sick at heart
    быть очень расстроенным
    When I learnt about my cousin's troubles with the law, I became sick at heart.
  • shark
    жестокий и нечестный человек (как акула)
    Ronald turned out to be a shark. I made up my mind not to do any business with him.
  • sick and tired of (someone or something)
    смертельно надоесть, устать от кого-либо \ чего-либо
    "I am sick and tired of your constant whining. You sound as though you were the unhappiest person on earth."
  • set foot (somewhere)
    ступать куда-либо, входить
    Mike took offence and said he would never set foot in my house again.
  • shake a leg
    идти быстро, "шевелить ногами"
    "Please shake a leg if you want to be in time for the lecture."
  • settle down
    обживаться, обосновываться
    Mike had been moving from town to town for years, and finally he settled down in Springfield.
  • say a mouthful
    сказать что-либо важное, необычное, потрясающее
    My friend did say a mouthful when she narrated her unusual story.
  • stand up and be counted
    выступить публично, занять решительную позицию
    I think I'll stand up and be counted before my boss takes decisive measures against me.
  • slow-witted
    медленно соображающий, тупой
    "I don't think Kelly is slow-witted; she is just lazy."
  • see (something) through
    доводить что-либо до конца
    Dick saw the operation through without wincing.
  • school of thought
    общее мнение или точка зрения
    There are several schools of thought about the system of education in the country.
  • sail right through (something)
    быстро и легко закончить что-либо
    I wasn't able to sail right through my essay; it took me a lot of time to finish it.
  • see about (something)
    проследить за чем-либо, проконтролировать
    "I want you to see about getting the work finished."