Идиомы на букву S

  • slow as molasses in January
    быть очень медлительным
    My granddaughter is as slow as molasses in January when she walks to school in the morning.
  • say (something) in a roundabout way
    высказаться иносказательно
    I used a fable to say in a roundabout way in order to make myself understood.
  • see to (someone or something)
    присмотреть за кем-либо \ чем-либо
    "Porter, will you see to my baggage, please?"
  • small potatoes
    что-либо небольшое или незначительное
    The amount of money for the road is small potatoes compared to the cost of the bridge.
  • see one's way clear to (do something)
    чувствовать в себе способность делать что-либо
    I didn't see my way clear to begin writing the essay, so I decided to put it off for a while.
  • show one's hand
    раскрыть карты, обнаружить истинные намерения
    Hillary was very evasive about it all as if she didn't want to show her hand to me.
  • straw in the wind
    намёк, предупреждение
    When Nick messed up with his account, it was a straw in the wind that he might be given a sack soon.
  • soup up (something)
    придавать силу, увеличивать мощность чего-либо
    I decided to soup my motorcycle up, making it more powerful.
  • see fit to (do something)
    считать нужным, целесообразным делать что-либо
    Valery saw fit to devote more time to her term paper.
  • say (something) right to (someone's) face
    сказать что-либо кому-либо прямо в лицо
    I didn't like my friend's behavior at the party, and I had a good mind to say it right to his face.
  • see (something) out
    дождаться конца, досидеть до конца
    It was getting late, so we decided not to see the play out.
  • spread one's wings
    стать независимым, расправить крылья
    Sam decided to become independent; he wants to spread his wings and try to do something on his own.
  • shot in the arm
    прилив энергии
    I did a lot of work yesterday probably because of a shot in the arm.
  • scream one's head off
    пронзительно кричать
    When Mary saw a mouse, she screamed her head off.
  • sticky fingers
    склонность к воровству
    Little Bobby has sticky fingers, and his mother watches him all the time.
  • slap on the wrist
    легкое наказание, шлепок по руке
    Bobby received a slap on the wrist for having told his mother a lie.
  • show one's face
    появиться, показаться
    After cheating at the exam, Simon was ashamed to show his face.
  • stick to one's guns
    не сдавать позиций, держаться стойко
    Gregory was man enough to stick to his guns.
  • spit in (someone's) eye
    оскорблять или раздражать кого-либо
    His remarks insulted me as if someone had spit in my eye.
  • set the pace
    задавать темп
    The leading skier set the pace for the other skiers to follow.
  • say (something) to (someone's) face
    сказать что-либо кому-либо в лицо
    I didn't like my friend's behavior at the party, and I had a good mind to say it to his face.
  • stand a chance of (doing something)
    иметь возможность делать что-либо
    Alan stood a good chance of getting the job of a computer programmer.
  • skin-deep
    поверхностный, не глубокий
    Eric seems to be knowledgeable, but I am sure his knowledge is skin-deep.
  • step-by-step
    постепенно, шаг за шагом
    I learnt how to drive a car step-by-step.
  • shoulder to shoulder
    плечом к плечу
    The soldiers fought shoulder to shoulder.
  • sweep (someone) off his or her feet
    вызвать чей-либо восторг, поразить, потрясти
    When I saw my favorite singer appear on the stage, it swept me off my feet.
  • same old story
    старая история, старая песня
    It is the same old story with Steve. He promises to help but he never does.
  • sit on one's hands
    сидеть сложа руки, бездействовать
    I sat on my hands and watched the other members of the family clean the living-room.
  • see the handwriting on the wall
    знать, иметь предчувствие, что что-то произойдёт
    I saw the handwriting on the wall and was aware that our small business would soon go bankrupt.
  • see the light at the end of the tunnel
    предвидеть конец чего-либо (задания, проблемы)
    The task is challenging, but I hope that finally I will see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • see the last of (someone or something)
    видеть кого-либо \ что-либо в последний раз
    "We have seen the last of Greg, thank God!"
  • see (someone) to (somewhere)
    довести кого-либо до какого-либо места
    Every morning Stella saw her daughter to the door of the school building.
  • see (someone) out
    проводить кого-либо из комнаты, из дома
    I was afraid to get lost in the building, so I asked my friend to see me out.
  • stretch one's legs
    размять ноги
    After he had been driving for six hours, he stopped for a while to stretch his legs.
  • stack the deck
    поставить в невыгодное положение, "подтасовать карты"
    Marion felt that they had stacked the deck against her, that she had never had a fair choice.